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Resident Research & Scholarly Activity

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To ensure our residents’ development as Clinicians – Scientists, we both encourage and support their research interests. Faculty in all Divisions welcome participation from any resident seeking these opportunities.  Communicating about available research projects is key. Our Subspecialty Divisions present ongoing and future research projects at Noon Conferences during which residents are invited/recruited to participate in those projects. Our new Faculty Research Coordinator will mentor residents wishing to get involved in scholarly activities, and provides education opportunities related to research, from study design to grant writing.    

Below is a compilation of the published research & posters done by our residents. 

Selected Resident Abstracts, Posters and Publications (2019-20)


Sorour, N.A., Nagy, A., Dolan, B., Chung, E., Aurigemma, G.P., Harrington C.M.. (June, 2019). "Changes in Contractile Function Following TAVR Are Influenced By Gender and Baseline EF: Insights From Midwall Stress-Shortening Analysis." Poster presented at: American Society of Echocardiography - Scientific Session, ASE 2019; Portland, OR, USA.  

Sorour, N.A., Nagy, A., Gottbrecht, M., Chung, E., Aurigemma, G.P., Harrington, C.M.. (March, 2020). “Does LVEF improve 1 year following successful TAVR? Impact of gender, remodeling, and total arterial load” Poster presented at: American College of Cardiology – Scientific Session Virtual Meeting, ACC 2020; Chicago, IL, USA.

Sorour, N.A., Nagy, A., Ahmed, H., Kanei, Y., Aurigemma, G.P., Harrington, C.M.. (August, 2020). "Large Intracavitary RV mass associated with orthodromic AVRT: Uncommon Presentation of a Not-uncommon Problem" Oral Presentation presented at: ASE 2020 Virtual Scientific Sessions Live Broadcast; Denver, CO, USA. 


George, Lauren & Feldman, Harris & Hine, Ashley & Zullow, Samantha & Stashek, Kristen & Sun, Katherine & Sarkar, Suparna & Abutaleb, Ameer & Hudesman, David & Axelrad, Jordan & Cross, Raymond. (2020). Su1936 HISTOLOGIC INFLAMMATION DEFINED BY THE ROBARTS HISTOPATHOLOGIC INDEX MAY PREDICT FUTURE CLINICAL RELAPSE IN ULCERATIVE COLITIS PATIENTS IN ENDOSCOPIC REMISSION. Gastroenterology. 158. S-709. 10.1016/S0016-5085(20)32462-8. 

Al Yassin A, Alazzawi Y, Spaho L, Watts G, Tai R, Shiang T, Malhotra U, Wassef W “Sarcopenia is Associated with Worse Outcomes in Acute Pancreatitis.”Digestive Disease Week, Chicago, IL, May 2020 (the abstract was published on DDW website)  

Al Yassin AAlazzawi Y, Spaho L, Kheder J, Cave D “The Efficacy and Safety of Device-Assisted Enteroscopy and Push Enteroscopy in Cirrhosis patients” American College of Gastroenterology Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, October 2019 (the abstract was published in American Journal of Gastroenterology)  

Hospital Medicine 

Moulton, KL; Kodela, J; Marasigan, OC. A RARE CASE OF GASTRIC OUTLET OBSTRUCTION: BOUVERET SYNDROME. Abstract published at Hospital Medicine 2020, Virtual Competition. Abstract 898 Journal of Hospital Medicine. August 19th 2020.  



Hofstatter E, Liu Z, O’Meara T, Dalela D, Singh V, Pustzai L, Levine M. Yale School of Medicine. “Evidence of accelerated epigenetic aging of breast tissues in patients with breast cancer compared to women without cancer” presented at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, December 10-14, 2019; San Antonio, Texas. 

DiSilvestro J, Haddad J, Robinson K, Beffa L, Laprise J, Scalia-Walibur J, Raker C, Hofstatter E, Dalela D, Brown A, Bradford L, Toland M, Stuckey A. Warren Alpert School of Medicine, Brown University- Yale School of Medicine. “Barriers to Hormone Replacement Therapy following prophylactic bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy in BRCA1/2 carriers” presented at Society of Gynecologic Oncology, March 28-31, 2020; Ontario, Canada 

DiSilvestro J, Haddad J, Robinson K, Beffa L, Laprise J, Scalia-Walibur J, Raker C, Hofstatter E, Dalela D, Brown A, Bradford L, Toland M, Stuckey A. Warren Alpert School of Medicine, Brown University- Yale School of Medicine. “Reproductive decision-making and partnering in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers” presented at Society of Gynecologic Oncology, March 28-31, 2020; Ontario, Canada 

Wang, X.Resendes, N.M., Shanahan, L., Hutchinson, L., Woda, B., Cerny, J. (November, 2019). Chronic neutrophilic leukemia, a rare case of leukocytosis. Poster presented at: American College of Physicians, Massachusetts Chapter, 2019 Annual Meeting; Waltham, MA, USA.  


Fiore C., Kodela J., ItoFukunaga M. Qualitative Analysis of Smokers Stigma Surrounding Lung Cancer Screening Education. (Accepted to CHEST 2020 virtual conference) 

Alape D, Mickelson J, Sood R. Acute Respiratory Failure Secondary Nivolumab Myositis. Accepted as a poster presentation at CHEST conference 2020. 

Fukunaga M., Halligan K., Kodela J., Toomey S., Furtado V., Singh S. Tools to Promote Shared Decision-Making in Lung Cancer Screening Using Low-Dose Computerized Tomography: A Systematic Review. CHEST (forthcoming). Pub Status: Accepted for publication May 15, 2020 

Holden V, Ospina D, Chee A, Parikh M, Carreiro M, Alape Moya D,Fernadez-Bussy S, Hert F, Majid A. Safety and Efficacy of the Tracheobronchial Bonastent: A Single-Center Case Series. Respiration2020;99:353-359.   

Alape D, Singh R, Folch E, Fernandez-Bussy S, Agnew A, Majid A. Life-Threatening Multi-Level Airway Stenosis Due to Myhre Syndrome. Am J Respir Care Med. 2020;201(6):731-732. 

Singh R,Alape D, de Lima A, Ascanio J, Majid A, Gangadharan S. Regulatory T Cells in Respiratory Health and Disease. Pulm Med.2019; 2019:1907807.   

Majid A, Kheir F, Alape D, Chee A, Parikh M, DeVore L, Agnew A, Gangadharan S. Combined Thoracoscopic Surgical Stapling and Endobronchial Valve Placement for Lung Volume Reduction with Incomplete Lobar Fissures: An Experimental Pilot Animal Study. Bronchology Interv Pulmonol. 2019, Aug 20. 

Majid A, Kheir F, Alape D, Kent M, Lembo A, Rangan VV, Carreiro M, Gangadharan SP. The Prevalence of Gastroesophageal Reflux in Patients with Excessive Central Airway Collapse. Chest. 2019; 155(3):540-545.  

Bezuidenhout AF, Boiselle PM, Heidinger BH, Alape D, Buitrago DH, Majid A, Gangadharan SP, Litmanovich DE. J Thoracic Imaging.2019; 34 (4):278-283.  

Cardio Conference.pngSelected Resident Conference Presentations 2019-2020

Adams, E.  Pathogenesis and Host Response Interactions.  Infectious Disease Week, October 2019, Washington, DC.   

Anoruo, N. Effect of E-cigarette Use on Smoking Cessation in Low Motivation Smokers. American Thoracic Society, 2020, Philadelphia, PA.  

Aponte-Pieras, J. Probiotic use may increase the odds of hospital readmission for a chronic pancreatitis flare. PancreasFest, 2019, Pittsburg, PA. 

Aponte-Pieras, J. Well-differentiated Neuroendocrine Tumor Arising from the Gastric Cardia Presenting with Hematemesis. American College of Gastroenterology. October 2020, San Antonio, TX. 

Dutta, R. Between a Rock and Hard Place: Ticagrelor as a safe alternative to clopidogrel after drug-induced thrombocytopenia. American College of Cardiology, March 2020, Chicago, IL.  

Hashmi, I. Reviving the Rendezvous Technique: A Novel Approach in ERCP. PancreasFest, 2019, Pittsburg, PA.    

Kannappan, M. A large Mobile Friable Mitral Valve Mass, Multiple embolism strokes, and the eventual diagnosis we did not think of. American Society of Echocardiology, June 2019, Portland, OR.  

Khan, A. What's the confusion? It was about carbon monoxide poisoning. CHEST October 2019, New Orleans, LA. 

Moulton, K. A Rare Case of Gastric Outlet Obstruction: Bouveret Syndrome. Society for Hospital Medicine, April 2020, San Diego, CA.  

Patel, B. A Rare Diagnosis of Melanoma by Transbronchial Biopsy.  American Thoracic Society, 2020, Virtual. 

Rovinski, R. HIV as a red herring in sanguinous pleurale effusion due to thoracic endometriosis. CHEST, October 2019, New Orleans, LA. 

Sorour, N. Changes in Contractile Function Following TAVR Are Influenced By Gender and Baseline EF: Insights From Midwall Stress-Shortening Analysis”. American Society of Echocardiology, June 2019, Portland, OR.   

Taku, A. A Case of Recurrent Stress Cardiomyopathy Complicated by Apical Thrombus and Splenic Infarct. American Society of Echocardiology, June 2019, Portland, OR.  

Wong, C. The Effect of Prior Percutaneous Coronary Intervention on Pulmonary Artery Systolic Pressure. Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics.  September,2019, San Francisco, CA.

Resident Scholarly Activity 

Each year all our residents are required to lead a scholarly presentation, which ensures they acquire and demonstrate essential skills in both research and presenting.  The Landmark Papers (PGY1), Journal Clubs (PGY2) and Clinical-Pathologic Conference(PGY3) are described below. 

Landmark Paper – Each intern must prepare and present one Landmark Paper during Morning Report at some point during their first year.  They will give a short presentation on a study that answered a clinical question with enough clarity to be considered practice-changing.  Landmark papers are often cited by other papers and are one of the cornerstones of evidence-based medicine.  

Journal Club – During their second year, all residents prepare and present a journal article for discussion in a small group. The goal is to critically evaluate the quality of new information presented in research literature and consider its impact on clinical practice.  With the help of faculty mentors, residents go over general principles of study design and data collection as well as basic statistical analysis. They assess the strengths and weaknesses of the study and discuss its clinical relevance. In the process, they strengthen their presentation skills and their ability to facilitate discussion.  

The Clinical-Pathologic Conference or CPC is a case conference presented by our 3rd-year residents. It is considered a chance to showcase the diagnostic skills they have gained during their residency training.  Residents compile all relevant details of the case including pathology and images; recruit faculty participants including subspecialists, radiologists and pathologists; and review the relevant literature pertaining to the case. On the day of presentations they also run a differential to generate active discussion in the audience.

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