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A Letter From Our Program Director

Congratulations on embarking on the next phase of your medical training and thank you for looking at our program! We want to learn about you and want you to learn about our innovative program, enthusiastic residents, and dedicated faculty. We are in search of a diverse, outstanding class of interns, and thus are committed to a holistic review of applicants for their educational and personal accomplishments. We will be recruiting four new interns this year. Our Primary Care Track is small enough to offer individualized learner attention but large enough to offer a broad range of clinical experiences and curriculum, as well as various communities to which our residents feel they belong.

What makes us different? Our Primary Care residents follow a 3+2 schedule. Unlike traditional categorical internal medicine programs, our residents will spend between 50-60% of their training time in the ambulatory setting. Their primary continuity clinics are at the Benedict Adult Primary Care Clinic on the UMass Chan Medical School campus. This clinic has more than 30 attendings, 7 advanced practitioners, and 31 residents, who care for a socioeconomically, racially, and culturally diverse panel of more than 20,000 patients.  During the PGY2 year, our residents can choose a second primary care clinic site to align with their personal career interests. Longitudinal curriculum in Primary Care Topics, Leadership, Medical Education, Quality Improvement, Practice and Panel Management, and Scholarship, supplements their strong clinical training. To ensure the success of each learner, personal mentorship is a core component of our program. We have an experienced team of passionate core faculty ready to train and mentor our residents! We truly celebrate your personal life events as much as we celebrate your professional accomplishments.

We are a separate track within the UMass Chan Internal Medicine Residency Program and have a separate NRMP Match number, which is 3050140M0. You can apply to both and if selected to interview, would do so on the same day.

Our recruitment season will be fully virtual again this year. Please know we are doing everything we can to make this process as stress-free as possible for you.

Choosing your future residency program is a big decision. You should be in a place where you are professionally and personally happy, so you can learn, thrive, and reach your greatest potential. Thanks for giving us a look! We hope you find our program has what you are looking for in the next step in your medical training.

Best wishes,

ElizabethMurphy 2020.jpg Elizabeth Murphy, MD

 Department of Medicine
 Program Director