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Ambulatory Training

The UMass Chan Medical School and UMass Memorial Health have legacies of valuing Primary Care as the core of a patient’s health care experience. Each categorical resident will be assigned a continuity clinic site, where they will become a valued member of a health care team and co-manage a panel of patients. Residents attend continuity clinic during their Ambulatory weeks, but not during inpatient or ICU service weeks. In our 3+2 system, we are able to separate inpatient and outpatient responsibilities, allowing for a more concentrated and enjoyable experience in each environment. 

Ambulatory Week 

After 3 weeks on an inpatient service and 1 week of elective, all interns (preliminary and categorical) and residents are on Ambulatory week. During this time, categorical residents will have outpatient clinic sessions while preliminary interns will have additional elective time. All residents, including preliminary interns, are required to attend Ambulatory didactics on Thursday morning. 

ambulatory week.jpg

During ambulatory week, categorical interns and residents will have:

  • 5 Continuity Clinic sessions 
  • 1 morning of Didactic/Ambulatory Core Curriculum sessions 
  • "Golden Weekend" off 
  • 2-4 Independent learning sessions ("Green Blocks") to complete:
    • Clinic documentation and lab/radiology follow up
    • Independent online learning modules
    • Longitudinal Quality Improvement Project
    • Scholarly Activity
    • Attend personal appointments