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Recent Curricular Innovations

Research Pathway- Our research pathway is designed to provide residents with all the tools they need to excel as physician-scholars.  Interns are invited to apply in December of their first year. Once in the pathway, residents are teamed up with a senior research faculty mentor. Each resident is required to develop and pursue their own research projects resulting in presentation at National Conferences and publication. In addition, residents will participate in regular didactics and monthly seminars on research topics coupled with the ability to share updates on projects with both peers and faculty mentors. Finally, residents in the pathway will have the opportunity to engage in additional research electives. The research pathway is overseen by Dr. Lara Kovell, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine.  

Medical Education Pathway - The Medical Education Pathway provides interested residents with the tools and training to establish a career in Medical Education.  Interns are invited to apply in December of their first year. Residents receive 1:1 mentoring with faculty educators, participate in specifically designed Medical Education electives, and engage in monthly symposiums on various teaching topics. Residents also teach and precept students in a wide variety of settings, and design and carry out longitudinal Medical Education scholarly projects. The Medical Education Pathway is headed by Dr. Laura Hallett, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Primary Care.  

Point-of-Care Ultrasound Curriculum (POCUS) - Our point-of-care ultrasound curriculum is designed to provide residents with the skills needed to successfully perform and interpret vascular, cardiac, thoracic, abdominal, and musculoskeletal/joint point-of-care ultrasounds. All residents participate in core conferences where they learn the basics of POC ultrasound, followed by simulation and model patient hands-on practice and teaching. Residents can perform POC ultrasounds on their patients and save images for review by faculty.  Residents may choose to complete enough successful POC ultrasounds to become certified. In addition to a large portable ultrasound that is available for use on all floors, there are several Butterfly ultrasound machines dedicated to resident use. The POC ultrasound curriculum is overseen by Dr Jared Mickelson, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine.