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Public Presentation Skills: Learn and Apply the Principles of Design and Delivery of Great Presentations

Public SpeakingClass Name: Public Presentation Skills - Learn and Apply the Principles of Design and Delivery of Great Presentations (Part I)
Audience: All employees
Instructors: Martha StreeterDirector, HR Communications, Learning & Talent Development and Christina Haviland, Sr. HR Communications Specialist
Prerequisite: None
Description: Did you know that public speaking is one of the most common fears of adults in the United States? Whether we are speaking in a team meeting or presenting in front of an audience, we all have to talk in public from time to time. We can do this well or we can do this badly, and the outcome strongly affects the impression that we leave on people. This is why public speaking causes some people so much anxiety and concern. The good news is that, with training, thorough preparation and practice, you can learn to overcome your nervousness and perform exceptionally well. In short, being a good public speaker can enhance your reputation, boost your self-confidence, and open up countless new opportunities.
This training will be comprised of two parts. In early June, we will kick off Part I of the training where employees will learn strategies to become a better public presenter and how to develop stronger presentations. Part II will be a separate training session scheduled in late June where employees will apply what they learned in Part I. See details below. 
Part I: A focus on strategies for becoming a better presenter, as well as how to develop stronger, effective presentations. Topics include: 
  • The "2 Minute Presentation"
  • Strategies for Staying Calm
  • How to Plan and Structure Your Presentation
  • Knowing and Engaging Your Audience
  • What to Do if You Go Off Track
  • Preparing for Part II
Part II: The second part of the training will be a separate training session scheduled in late June, and will provide employees with the opportunity to put the strategies they learned in Part I into practice. Employees will come prepared with a flash drive of a 5-minute presentation where they will present to the class. This presentation will be video-taped and then a group discussion will follow so the employee will have the opportunity to receive feedback from the class and instructor.   
Venue: Classroom
Schedule/Timeline: Part I classes begin in Early June; 90 minutes
Registration: You will need to register for Part I and Part II separately. For more details and to register*, click here. Also, you may click on our HR Learning and Development website and scroll down to view course offerings and register.
*Please note, when you register, you will need to access our UMass Chan intranet site.