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Core Competency - Initiative in the Workplace

Initiative in the Workplace TrainingWe are pleased to announce the launch of our latest professional development course: Initiative in the Workplace. 

Initiative in the Workplace is the second course in the UMass Chan Core Competency training series. This professional development session will cover why taking initiative is so important in the workplace, and how, by demonstrating this competency, you will build skills which can help you advance your career at UMass Chan. 
As one of our Core Competencies, initiative is directly tied to your annual performance review. Taking initiative will not only help you reach your department goals, but also the overall goals of UMass Chan.
Class Name: Initiative in the Workplace
Audience: All employees
Instructor: Chrissy Haviland, Sr. HR Marketing Communications Specialist 
Class Description: This training will review the Initiative competency and teach you how to demonstrate it in your role at UMass Chan. The following topics will be covered in this professional development session: 
  • What it Means to Take Initiative
  • What Can be Gained by Taking Initiative
  • How to Take Initiative at Work
  • Things to Consider before Taking Initiative
  • How to Help Others Take Initiative
  • Common Mistakes with Initiative
  • Learn How Mastering the Initiative Competency will Support Your Professional Ambitions
  • How Taking the Initiative May Affect Your Performance at Work, including your Performance Review
Includes interactive exercises to enhance learning (bring your cellphones!)
Timeline: Offered weekly; 1 hour each class; classes run August through September
Registration: For more details and to register* click here.
*Please note, when you register, you will need to access our UMass Chan intranet site.