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MANAGE Module, Part 1 - "Managing Employee Performance and Corrective Action Process"

The Human Resources Learning and Development Team is excited to launch the new Manage and Lead at UMass Chan training program for UMass Chan managers with the first course of the MANAGE Module. Please see course details below.

Class Name: MANAGE Module, Part 1 - "Managing Employee Performance and the Corrective Action Process."

Manage and Lead

Performance Management involves employees understanding the UMass Chan culture and performance expectations of their job duties within their UMass Chan work environment. Employees should be provided with the tools and resources needed to become successful and productive members of the UMass Chan community. When your staff doesn't meet expectations for performance and/or conduct, as the manager, you should know what steps to take. This course will teach you these Performance Management steps and show you how to apply them. After this course, you will have learned the following: 

    • Understand Why Performance Management is Important
    • Understand the Role of the Employee Relations Consultant
    • How to Write a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
    • Understand the UMass Chan Corrective Policy and Procedure
    • Gain a Better Understanding of the Performance Management Process and Corrective Action Using Fact Patterns and Guided Discussion 

Audience: Managers/Supervisors

Instructors: Marlene Tucker, Senior Director of Employee and Labor Relations; Paul Smith, Senior Employee Relations Investigator/Consultant; David LaChappelle, Senior Labor Strategy Consultant; Jeffery Matthews, Employee Relations Consultant and Kristin Mullins, Employee Relations Consultant 

Prerequisite: None

Venue: Classroom

Timeline: Offered weekly; 2 hours for the class; classes begin early June, 2018

Registration: For more details and to register* click here.

 *Please note, when you register, you will need to access our UMass Chan intranet site.