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Class Name: UMass Chan Core Competency Training: Accountability

Audience: All employees

Instructors: Chrissy Haviland, Sr. HR Marketing Communications Specialist 

Prerequisite: View the UMass Chan Core Competency Model Recorded Webinar

Class Description: According to a recent Workplace Accountability Study, 91% of people rank Accountability as one of the top development needs they believe their organization would benefit from. This professional development session will discuss why Accountability - one of the UMass Chan Core Competencies -  is so important in the workplace and why it is critical to your success as a UMass Chan employee.

Topics include:  

  • What it means to be Accountable in the workplace
  • Why Accountability is critical to success
  • How to spot a Lack of Accountability & Obstacles to Creating an Accountability Culture
  • How employees and managers can foster Accountability by developing and demonstrating the core competency
  • How having an Accountability mindset and behaviors will impact your career at UMass Chan and even your performance review

Includes interactive exercises to enhance learning (bring your cellphones!)

Venue: Classroom

Timeline: Offered weekly; 1 hour each class; classes run March-April 

Registration: For more details and to register* click here.

*Please note, when you register, you will need to access our UMass Chan intranet site.