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Faculty Development

Eligibility Requirements

The fellowship is open to preceptors who have 1) completed the Teaching of Tomorrow workshop series, 2) are UMass or RAC member school affiliates and 3)can commit to the schedule outlined below from September 1 through June 30th. Fellowship Applications are accepted between January 1st and March 25th. The review process is finalized and selections are announced at the end of April. The fellowship includes:

  • Wednesday morning seminar series (4 hours/month);
  • In addition to the structured class-time and educational experiences, Fellows will have additional homework. The Fellows will prepare for seminar through reflection exercises and readings (approximately 2 hours/ week)
  • Complete an educational project under the mentorship of a senior faculty member. (approximately 2 hours/week - optional)
  • Develop a mentor relationship (approximately 2 hours/month