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2018 Population Health Clerkship Presentations

Addiction.  Advocacy and Healthcare Services:  A Deep Dive into Population Health

Laying the Foundation for Advance Care Planning Among Martha's Vineyard Residents

Promoting Healthy Eating & Active Living With Our Aging Population

Exploring Models of Integrated Healthcare in Massachusetts

Worcester Public School Students - Improving Uptake at Flu Clinics

Urban Neighborhoods: Addressing Food Insecurity Through SNAP Outreach Efforts (Springfield)

Geriatrics:  Fall Risk & Prevention for Older Adults

People Living with Food Insecurity:  Food, Health and Access within our Community

Head Start - Addressing Childhood Obesity - Lowell

Head Start - Worcester Program

HIV in Massachusetts:  A State's Action Plan and Two Community Responses (Worcester & Lawrence)

Providing Compassionate Care to Worcester's Homeless Population (HOAP)

Injury Prevention IS Public Health 

Incarcerated & Urban Working Poor - Lemuel Shattuck Hospital

Access to Quality Health Care and Services in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Communities

Living with a Disability

Listening to Unheard Voices (LUV) Making Opioid Intervention More Effective by Humanizing Addiction

Medical-Legal Partnership

Oral Health as Part of Overall and Population Health - Really!

Palliative Care

Parenting & Family Stability - Pernet Family Health Services

People with Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities - Community Living & Health Care Experiences

Hotspotting - Working with High Health Care Utilizing Patients

Reducing Harm:  Bridging Patients Between Prisons & Clinicians to Treat Opiate Addiction

Refugee Health in Worcester

Central Massachusetts Tobacco-Free Partnership

Transition-Age Youth with Special Health Care Needs

Veterans/Military Health Issues 

Worcester Healthy Baby Collaborative - Baby Box Initiative