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Family Medicine Third Year Clerkship

FM Clerkship Small Group Session

The purpose of the third year clerkship in Family Medicine is to provide instruction in the basic knowledge, attitudes and skills of Family Medicine. This foundation in the basic tenets of Family Medicine will prepare the students for their future role as physicians, regardless of specialty choice, by demonstrating the importance of the primary care physician in providing continuous, comprehensive care to the patient, and by teaching the importance of doctor-patient relationship,  interviewing skills, appropriate physical exam, and clinical problem-solving in caring for patients. The clerkship provides exposure to family practice as a specialty choice and supports those students considering family practice as a career.

This Clerkship is a required five-week program primarily focused on ambulatory care. Students spend eighty percent of their time working with their assigned preceptor. On the first working day of weeks one, two, three and four students attend a series of educational modules on campus. 

Mission Statement

To teach Family Medicine with the highest possible standards utilizing academic innovation, while promoting a learning environment of respect and support for the medical student. As faculty, we will strive to model the scientific basis of medical care in balance with the patient-centered philosophy of Family Medicine.

For more information, please contact:

Mary Lindholm, M.D.
Clerkship Director
Telephone: (774) 443-2403

Karen A.Rayla
Administrative Director
Telephone: (774) 442-4117
Fax: (774) 441-6212