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Heath Disparities, Equity, Bias

Health Disparities, Equity, Bias


  • The Impact of Physician Non-English Language Proficiency Level on Cancer Care (NCI) – Warren Ferguson, MD
  • UMass Center for Health Equity Intervention Research (CHEIR) – Research Training and Education Core (NIMHD) – Carole Upshur, EdD
  • Systematic Review of Oral Health Interventions Aimed to Reduce Health Disparities in Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (AADMD and CDC ) – Alexandra Bonardi, PhD


  • Paula Gardiner et al. The Latino Integrative Medical Group Visit as a Model for Pain Reduction in Underserved Spanish Speakers. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 2017. doi: 10.1089/acm.2017/0132.
  • M Shraim, M Cifuentes, JL Willetts, HR Marucci-Wellman and Glenn Pransky. Regional Socioeconomic Disparities in Outcomes for Workers with Low Back Pain in the United States. Am J Ind Med 2017;60(5):472-483.
  • Bob Wellman, MP Sylvestre, ED O’Loughlin, H Dutczak, A Montreuil, GD Datta, and J O’Loughlin. Socioeconomic Status is Associated with the Prevalence and Co-Occurrence of Risk Factors for Cigarette Smoking Initiation During Adolescence. Int J Public Health, 2018, in press.
  • Carole Upshur, DM Wrighting, G Bacigalupe et al. The Health Equity Scholars Program: Innovation in the Leaky Pipeline. J Racial Ethn Health Disparities 2017 – epub ahead of print.
  • Melodie Wenz Gross, Linda Weinreb and Carole Upshur. Screening for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Prenatal Care: Prevalence and Characteristics in a Low-Income Population. Matern Child Health J 2016;20(10):1995-2002.


  • Suzanne Cashman: “Developing an Institutional Dashboard to Advance Health Equity: Weaving Social Determinants of Health into a Revised and Full Curriculum” (AAMC annual meeting)
  • Suzanne Cashman et al: “Where are the Determinants of Health? Student-Led Curriculum Change” (poster, Association for Prevention Teaching and Research annual meeting)
  • Olga Valdman, Daria Szkwarko, et al: “The Refugee Journey is Complicated Enough! Implementing a Transitional Family Medicine Refugee Clinic to Improve Care for Refugee Families in Worcester, Massachusetts” (AAFP Global Health Workshop)
  • Warren Ferguson et al: “Social Justice Behind and Beyond the Bars: Criminal Justice Health and Academic Medicine” (AAMC Annual Meeting)
  • Warren Ferguson: “Teaching About Racial Justice: A Train-the-Trainer Faculty development Workshop” (Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Annual Spring Conference)
  • Elizabeth Rosen, Blair Robinson, Melanie Gnazzo and Judy Savageau: “Farm to Health Center Initiative: Comprehensive Review of a Food Insecurity Initiative at a Community Health Center” (American Public Health Association annual meeting)
  • Elizabeth Rosen, Blair Robinson, Melanie Gnazzo and Judy Savageau: “Food Insecurity: Using an Interactive Tool to Recognize and Address Food Needs in Your Primary Care Practice” (Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians annual meeting)
  • Heather Lyn Haley: “Addressing Race, Power and Privilege in Clinical Settings” (Association for Clinicians for the Underserved Conference)
  • Ivonne McLean: “Beyond #WhiteCoats4BlackLives: Perspectives on Racism, Implicit Bias, and Diversity Education within Family Medicine Residency Programs” (Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Annual Spring Conference)
  • Jennifer Moffitt: “Implicit and Explicit Biases and the Chronic Stress of Racism: Using the Mindfulness-based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) Model for Decreasing Stress and Increasing Resilience” (ACNM Annual Meeting)
  • Jennifer Moffitt: “Mindfulness-based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP): Decreasing Health Disparities and Increasing Resilience” (ACNM Annual Meeting)
  • Jennifer Moffitt: “Mindfulness-based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP): Bringing Mindfulness to Women and Families – Decreasing Disparities and Increasing Resiliency” (Partners in Perinatal Health Conference)
  • Jennifer Moffitt: “Addressing Health Disparities and Increasing Resilience: Mindfulness with Women and Families in Low Income, Inner City and Rural Populations” (ACNM Annual Meeting)
  • Carolyn Langer: “Using Innovation in Healthcare to Address the Needs of the Underserved” (Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT Conference)
  • M Heyman, Anthouia Poulakos, Carole Upshur and Melodie Wenz Gross:

“Discrepancies in Parent and Teacher Ratings of Low-Income Preschooler’s Social Skills” (Biannual Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development)

Student Projects:

  • Elizabeth Tammaro (with Suzanne Cashman)

Determinants of Health Curriculum Project: Incorporating Social Determinants of Health into Preclinical Curriculum

  • Xingyue (Star) Wang (with Suzanne Cashman)

Medical Students’ Reflections on Implicit Bias

  • Yevin Roh

Improving How the Social Determinants of Health are Taught Using Small Group Discussion, and Faculty Facilitator Training through Role Play

Advisor: Suzanne Cashman, ScD

  • Sydney Greenberg and Jeffrey Larnard

Improvement in Medical Student Confidence in Preparing Meals and Discussing Nutrition with Patients: A Medical Student Led Culinary Medicine Elective

Advisors: Barbara Olendzki, MPH and Frank Domino, MD

  • Christina Kunycky

Delving into Determinants: Integration of Social Determinants of Health into the Preclinical Curriculum

Advisor: Suzanne Cashman, ScD

  • Elizabeth Rosen

The Farm to Health Center Initiative (FHCI)

Advisor: Melanie Gnazzo, MD

Research Forum Topics

  • May 18, 2018: 2 presentations:

Betsy Tammaro, MS-IV (4th year UMass Chan medical students)

“Integrating the Social Determinants of Health into the Preclinical Curriculum: Qualitative Assessment of a Problem-Based Learning Exercise”

  • February 17, 2017:

Xingyue (Star) Wang, MS-IV (Capstone Project presentation; mentored by Suzanne Cashman, ScD) – “Medical Students’ Reflections on Implicit Bias”