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Department Retreat Presentation Slides

2024 Annual Department Retreat: Powerpoint Presentations
May 16, 2024


Diane McKee, MD, MS and Hugh Silk, MD, MPH
"Welcome and Celebrating Family Medicine" 

Plenary presentation #1 
Mary Lindholm, MD; Frank Domino, MD; Philip Day, PhD and Kathleen Barry, MD 

"Maybe It Is More Than Money: Student Focus Group Outcomes and Future Directions"

Rebecca Gwaltney, MD, MPH; Andrea Chin, MD; Lee Mancini, MD, FAAFP, CSCS*D, CSN; Henry Del Rosario, MD; Erin Cathcart, MD, MPH, CPH; Corey Costanzo, DO, MPH, MS 

"Intro to POCUS in Family Medicine" 

Suzanne Mitchell, MD, MS
"Improv Exercises for Teaching Communication Skills in Medical Settings" 

Ginny Van Duyne, MD; Liz Dykhouse, PhD; Missy Gleckel, MD

"We Can Do Better: Giving Effective Feedback"

Lee Mancini, MD, FAAFP, CDCD*D, CSN; Emily Eshleman, DO, MS; Adam Ridley, MD; Angela Rufo, DO   
"Sports and Exercise Medicine: Head, Shoulders and Hips - A Hands On Session"

Kristina Gracey, MD, MPH; Rebecca Gwaltney, MD, MPH; Claudia Pierre, MD

"FMOB Ultrasound: Hands-on Training on Amniotic Fluid Index (AFI) and Biophysical Profile (BPP)"

Arvin Garg, MD, MPH, Associate Chief Quality Officer for Health Equity, UMMH and Shelbie Young, EdM, Practice Improvement Associate, Office of Clinical Integration, UMMH with discussion moderated by Heather-Lyn Haley, PhD 
"A New Approach to SDOH Screening and Follow-Up"

Diane McKee, MD, MS; Philip Day, PhD; Scott Hebert, MS

"Foundations of Scholarship: Qualitative vs Quantitative- Choosing the Right Method for Your Project"


Plenary presentation #2
Hugh Silk, MD, MPH; Tracy Kedian, MD; Philip Day, PhD; Lisa Gussak, MD  
"Promotion Strategies, Hacks and Updates"

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