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Medical Student Research Projects

Fourth Year Medical Student Research Projects

The Department of Family Medicine and Community Health offers a number of research opportunities for fourth year medical students, including the university-wide Senior Scholars Program and a departmental Fourth Year Elective in Preventive Medicine and Public Health (both of these coordinated by Judy Savageau, MPH). The Senior Scholars Program allows the student a two- to three-month opportunity to participate, in depth, in a research project. Numerous departmental faculty offer a number of opportunities for these students to explore/expand their research interests in adolescent medicine, substance abuse, community oriented primary care, international health, health status of vulnerable populations, and many more. The Fourth Year Elective provides a month-long block rotation for students interested in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, during which time students spend 50% effort on a research project that they define and the remaining 50% effort encompasses many short-term clinical segments related to this field. Some of these include exercise physiology, dyslipidemias, nutrition, the history of public health, mental health and primary care, clinical preventive medicine, refugee health, and communicable diseases.

The following students participated in these research opportunities during the past two academic years.

Senior Scholars:

Lindsey Hildebrand (with Judy Savageau)
Medical Student Knowledge of Health Care Policy and Reimbursement

Elizabeth Tammaro (with Suzanne Cashman)
Determinants of Health Curriculum Project: Incorporating Social Determinants of Health into Preclinical Curriculum

Xingyue (Star) Wang (with Suzanne Cashman)
Medical Students’ Reflections on Implicit Bias

Preventive Medicine/Public Health Elective:

Elizabeth Baratta (with Judy Savageau, MPH and Jennifer Carty, PhD/Barre Family Health Center)
Pediatric Gender Dysphoria and the Role of the Primary Care Provider

Jennifer Long (with Sara Shields, MD and Jennifer Moffitt, CNW)
Centering Pregnancy: Comprehensive Prenatal Care

Jacob Koshy (with Judy Savageau, MPH and the MA DPH)
Sepsis Detection in a Selected Sample of Massachusetts Health Care Facilities

Jeremy Vincent (with Judy Savageau, MPH and Joe DiFranza, MD)
Opioid Use Data Registry for QI in Family Medicine Clinic

2016-2017 Capstone Scholarship and Discovery Projects:

Dinah Gorelik Health Journalism - Advocacy and Education Advisor: Matilde Castiel, MD

Sydney Greenberg & Jeffrey Larnard Improvement in Medical Student Confidence in Preparing Meals and Discussing Nutrition with Patients: A Medical Student Led Culinary Medicine Elective Advisors: Barbara Olendzki, MPH and Frank Domino, MD

David McCarthy Preventing Pediatric Asthma: A Community and Clinical Partnership Approach Advisors: Warren Ferguson, MD and Sai Cherala, MD, MPH

Valerie Valant UMMS Running Club: Creating Community and Promoting Wellness Among Medical Students Advisor: Phil Fournier, MD

Shakti Nochur Implementation and Efficacy of the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS) at MCI-Concord: A Case Study of an Immunization Database in the Massachusetts Correctional System Advisor: Patricia Ruze, MD

Aqib Chaudhry Preventing Falls in the Elderly Advisor: Erika Oleson, MD

Christina Kunycky Delving into Determinants: Integration of Social Determinants of Health into the Preclinical Curriculum Advisor: Suzanne Cashman, ScD

Jorge Finke Preparation of Latino High School Students for Careers in Health Care: The Lawrence Mentorship Program Advisor: Jaime Vallejos, MD, MPH

Patrick McGuire Medical Marijuana Education for Medical Students Advisor: Jeff Baxter, MD

Alyse Wheelock Clinical Applications of One Health Advisor: Louis Fazen, MD 

Patrick Alvarado Resources for Patients Seeking to Understand and Resolve Hospital Bills ​Advisor: Robin Clark, PhD

Courtney Temple A Youth Program for Refugee Teens Advisor: Meredith Walsh, NP

Michael Maddaleni Injury Prevention in Youth Sports Advisor: Lee Mancini, MD Rachel LeBlanc Caring for Patients with Autism: How to Embrace a “Pediatric” Disorder in an Adult Care Setting Advisor: Robert Baldor, MD

Yevgeniya Harrington Burnout Assessment and Prevention at the YWCA Central MA: Promoting Wellness and Preventing Burnout with the Help of UMass Medical Students Advisor: Alan Chuman, MPH

Jeremy Vincent Diabetic Registry Preplanning Pilot Program Advisor: Amber Sarkar, MD
Minh Phan Rowing to Recovery – Improving Mental Health and Quality of Life in Substance Abuse Disorders Through Rowing Advisor: Alexa Connell, PhD

Jennifer Fishbein Enrichment of Health Education Curriculum for Teenagers in Correctional Facilities Advisor: Judy Savageau, MPH

Rayna Trietsch Educational Module on Tools for Advanced Care Planning at UMass Advisor: Jennifer Reidy, MD

Justin Vaida Efficacy of Video Instruction in Teaching Medical Students Physical Diagnosis Skills Advisor: Frank Domino, MD

Elizabeth Rosen The Farm to Health Center Initiative (FHCI) Advisor: Melanie Gnazzo, MD

Naomi Malam and Sara Rosenbaum Easing the Transition to the Clinical Years Advisor: Mary Lindholm, MD


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