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Meet Our Residents/Fellows 2023-24




  Danielle Coderre, MD 

Medical School:
UMass Chan Medical School 
University of Rhode Island 
Acushnet, MA
Family Medicine Interests:
Sports Medicine, LBGTQ+ care, Behavioral health, Medical education 
Why did I choose to train at Hahnemann?
I had such a positive experience as a medical student that after browsing other programs through the interview process, I was certain that there was no better fit for me than UMass. I appreciate the culture of the program, commitment to serving a diverse patient population, and opportunities to explore my special interests.
Rock climbing, hiking and camping, baking, caring for my plants.
Fun Facts:  I find about 6-10 four-leaf clovers per year without actively looking for them (I do not know why this is happening.) 

Tamika Isaac, DO

Medical School:
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine 
Graduate: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
Hometown: Clinton, MA
Family Medicine Interests: Lifestyle/preventative medicine, geriatrics, integrative, health advocacy/social justice 
Why did I choose to train at Hahnemann? Having grown up in the area, I am grateful to be able to serve the community that helped raise me and getting to work at the same hospital my grandfather worked his whole career is so special to me!
Hobbies: Exercise, gardening, cooking, reading, traveling, spending time with family and friends 
Fun Facts:  I have climbed part of the Swiss Alps and visited 3 different volcanoes in Costa Rica.

    Suhayla Islam, DO

Medical School:
University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: Wellesley College
Hometown: Northborough, MA
Family Medicine interests: Metabolic health, lifestyle/preventative medicine, women’s health, social justice, mental health
Why did I choose to train at Hahnemann? As an aspiring primary care physician, I wanted to pursue my training in a vibrant community both in terms of multifaceted diversity and emphasis on quality care for patients. I knew that training at WFMR would allow me to grow to my full potential as a primary care physician. It is great to be back in my hometown and have a role in promoting health and wellness in generations to come. 
Hobbies:  Cooking, traveling, visiting museums, spending time with family and friends 
Fun Facts: I was born in Toronto, ON but have lived in Worcester County since age 9. I love just about anything Jane Austen/Regency themed. I enjoy traveling and love discovering new, eclectic places to visit! 
  Mam Deng Madout, MD

Medical School:
Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University of Buffalo

Undergraduate: SUNY at Fredonia
Hometown:  Wau, South Sudan; Gogrial, South Sudan: Buffalo, New York
Family Medicine Interests: Full Spectrum Medicine, Obstetrics, Health Equity, Health Policy, Global Health, Medical Education, Procedures
Why did I choose to train at Hahnemann? I was excited at the end of my interview.  Everyone that I interacted with gave off the aura that they were passionate about what they did and were in medicine for the right reasons. In addition, it felt like Umass had the resources, opportunities and patient population that would allow me to become the physician I’ve always dreamed of becoming.
Hobbies: Soccer, travel, music, mindfulness, meditation, trying new food, the best documentaries. 
Fun Facts:  I consider myself an ice cream and superhero connoisseur.

Opeoluwa Olukorede, MD

Medical School:
Ross University  
Graduate:  Boston University 
Undergraduate: Johns Hopkins University
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria & Boston, Massachusetts
Family Medicine Interests: Full spectrum care (including maternal and child healthcare, adolescent health and geriatrics), global health, preventative medicine and sports medicine
Why did I choose to train at Hahnemann? I was particularly impressed by how nice and welcoming each resident and faculty was throughout the recruitment process. As someone with a lot of interests, I wanted to train in a program with mentors who were just as excited about patient-focused healthcare and could help fuel my passions! With opportunities to contribute to the field of population and global health, the exposure to full spectrum care, as well as dedicated and knowledgeable faculty members, I knew I had found my place. 
Hobbies: Traveling, reading (science fiction and murder mystery), singing, cooking and spending time with my family
Fun Facts:  In med school, I had a Betta fish and named him Trish. He travelled with me on 3 away rotations and was the best buddy I could have wished for. I will always love Trish the fish!


Leigh Weatherly, DO

Medical School:
University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Wake Forest University
Westford/Shrewsbury, MA
Family Medicine Interests:
Health equity, preventative & lifestyle medicine, behavioral health, academic medicine, maternal & child health
Why did I choose to train at Hahnemann? I grew up in the Worcester area and have always loved the city and it’s beautiful, diverse community that I am so excited to now serve! During my sub-internship, I found a passionate, inspiring group of faculty and residents committed to that community as well as the success and wellness of the residents. It confirmed what I already suspected as a child- that I wanted to work at UMass!

Running, thrifting, maintaining my Duolingo streak, and embarking on culinary adventures with my husband, at home and around Worcester
Fun Facts:
My mom was born at Hahnemann! (back when it was a hospital.)




Andrea Chin, MD

Medical School: UMass Chan Medical School
Graduate: MS in Biotechnology, Brown University
Brown University
La Canada Flintridge, CA
Family Medicine Interests: Women’s health, adolescent health, behavioral health, social justice, medical education
Why did I choose to train at Hahnemann? The diverse patient population, incredibly talented (and hilarious) team, welcoming learning environment, fabulous mentors and teachers, opportunities to work with medical students, and strong connections that I made with residents and faculty on rotations solidified my desire to return to HFHC and stay with UMass another 3 years!
Hobbies: Dancing (Polynesian, ballroom), Dungeons & Dragons, PC gaming (Witcher 3, Overwatch, GTA), reading (fantasy, sci-fi, romance, non-fiction), Eurovision-devotee, sports fan (Arsenal FC, LA Dodgers, LA Lakers) but not player, playing with my dog Augustus “Gus” Gustave.
Fun Facts:  My husband and I host an annual Lord of the Rings party called Gorge of the Things where we cook every meal/food that is eaten in all 3 LOTR movies; it’s a 3-day affair that usually has anywhere from 15-25 attendees!


Alexandre Wenk-Bodenmiller, MD

Medical School:
UMass Chan Medical School

Undergraduate:  New York University
Hometown: Titusville, FL/New York, NY 
Family Medicine Interests: Full spectrum family medicine, Maternal and Child Health, preventive medicine
Why did I choose to train at Hahnemann? My positive experiences as a medical student at UMass are what got me interested in family medicine. I'm excited to train with friendly and knowledgeable residents and attendings in a fun city with a diverse population. 
Hobbies: Exploring parks and petting zoos with my wife and children, travel, photography, reading about history and political economy



  Jamie Chan, DO

Medical School: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: Tulane University
Hometown: Newton, MA
Family Medicine Interests: Integrative Medicine, Behavioral Health, Underserved Medicine, Health Equity
Why did I choose to train at Hahnemann? I chose to train at UMass because of its dedication to serving the community, the diverse patient population, and the opportunity to care for underserved individuals. I am passionate about community wellbeing and combating health disparities, and UMass has an established network to connect patients with resources to support their needs.
Hobbies: Baking, ballet, meditation, spending time with family and friends, traveling
Fun Facts: My alter ego is “Cake Boss,” I make professional-looking cakes!
  Ariel Park, MD

Medical School: University of Central Florida School of Medicine
Undergraduate: Cornell University
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea & Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Family Medicine Interests: Integrative medicine, Sleep medicine, Behavioral health
Why did I choose to train at Hahnemann? Great people, location, and patient population
Hobbies: Traveling, gaming, hydroponic gardening
Fun Facts: Just adopted two kittens!!

  Patrick Tolosky, MD

Medical School: Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College
Undergraduate: Bates College
Hometown: Longmeadow, MA
Family Medicine Interests: Chronic disease management, addiction medicine, population health, preventive medicine, health policy and economics, combating structural violence, outpatient procedures, patient and provider mental well-being, mindfulness, global health (this is the first 10% of my interests.)
Why did I choose to train at Hahnemann? I chose to train at Hahnemann because of the focus on healthcare delivery innovation, the diverse patient population, and the inspiring and dedicated team at this health center. I hope to become proficient in practicing medicine in Spanish while at Hahnemann to build on my previous experiences working with Spanish-speaking communities.

Hobbies: All outdoor activities (trail-running, kayaking, canoeing, camping, skiing, backpacking, sandcastle building, picnics, hammocking, exploring local green spaces, spikeball), reading a great fantasy novel, history, meditation and mindfulness, cooking, eating great food, gardening, oculus enthusiast and practitioner, travel (near and far!), building large bonfires, watching a great movie.

  Alec Tributino, DO, Chief Resident  

Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: University of Rhode Island
Hometown: Johnston, Rhode Island 
Family Medicine Interests: Sports Medicine, Obstetrics, Full Spectrum FM 
Why did I choose to train at Hahnemann? I had a strong connection with the residents and faculty during our virtual dinner and interview. Definitely the best camaraderie in any program I have seen. Also, UMass has excellent sports medicine training and Spanish language training program. 
Hobbies: Volleyball, tennis, tropical plant care, hanging out with my cat "sushi."
Fun Facts: My first job was as a gymnastics coach for six years.