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Our Rotation Grid

The following chart outlines our current yearly rotation structure. Our curriculum consists of thirteen four week blocks per year to maximize the flexibility and individualized experience of the resident. Each rotation has a dedicated course director, curricular objectives, and resources. 





Family Medicine Inpatient Service (FMIS) (3)

Fam Med-Obstetrics (FM-OB)


Physician as Leader (PAL 1) 

Emergency Medicine 

Inpatient Pediatrics

Special Care Nursery/Nursery

Ambulatory Gynecology 

Critical Care Unit (CCU)/Sports Medicine  

Elective (1)

FMIS (3)

FM-OB (2)

Surgery/Ambulatory Peds

Sports Medicine 


Physician as Leader 2 (PAL 2)

Pediatric ED

Electives (3) 

Senior Inpatient (SIP)

Senior Outpatient (SOP)

Health Center Chief (3)

Professor Chief

Musculoskeletal (MSK)


Pediatric ED

Physician as Leader 3 (PAL 3) 

Behavioral Health (BH)

Electives (2) 

Longitudinal Behavioral Medicine: Dual Interviews, Team Precepting, Wellness Curriculum

Community Medicine: Orientation, PAL 1, Workshops

Scholarly Activity
: QI curriculum and project, publication opportunities

Structural Oppression and Anti-Racism (SOAR): Workshops, Diversity in Recruitment efforts, creaating and maintaining and inclusive environment