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Our Osteopathic Curriculum

We have an active Osteopathic education and practice track within our residency.  We received initial osteopathic recognition through the ACGME single accreditation system in 2016.  DO residents have osteopathic focused didactics every 4 weeks where they review and practice assessment and approaches based on clinic cases. Didactics are both in the classroom and on the inpatient floor (newborn/OB and adult).  Osteopathic Manipulation is used regularly in the clinic with direct supervision from osteopathic core faculty.  Residents are trained to actively apply osteopathic principles to patient care and appropriately utilize OMT.

Our goal is to help residents develop their osteopathic skills and be comfortable and proficient addressing all areas of family medicine. Interested MD residents are encouraged to learn and practice OMT longitudinally during their residency and can participate in the didactics with appropriate preparation. There are many occasions to attend osteopathic courses for further development. In our program, we have a wonderful collaboration between our allopathic and osteopathic physicians.

Please direct questions about our osteopathic curriculum to our Osteopathic Track Director, Charles Lehnardt, DO, at