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Preventive Medicine

Table 3: Academic And Practicum Experiences For Combined Two-Year Program

Year 1 

Jul  Aug  Sept  Oct  Nov  Dec  Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun 
MPH Course: 
Communicable Disease Epidemiology 16 hrs/week
MPH Courses*: 
Principles of Epidemiology
Introductory Biostatistics
Introduction to the US Health Care
  System 24-30 hrs/week
MPH Courses: 
Applied Epidemiology
Intermediate Biostatistics
Applications of Social and Behavioral   
  Theories in Public Health Interventions
MPH Course: 
Global Health Policy 16
Orientation Field Trips 3-6 hrs/week Scholarly Activities: 
Preventive Medicine Weekly Seminars
Local, State and National Conferences
Departmental Research Forums
Teaching Activities
Institutional Grand Rounds
3-6 hrs/week
Elective Practicum** Required Practicum: 
Behavioral Medicine
Clinical Prevention 4-6hrs/week
Required Practicum: 
Worcester DPH
8 hrs/week
Required Practicum: 
Patient Safety and Quality 4-8 hrs/week
Residency Research Project
4-8 hrs/week
Research Project
20-30 hrs/week
Residency Research Project
4-8 hrs/week
Optional Clinical Work: Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Family Planning, STD Control, Homeless Clinic, Correctional Facilities 4-8 hrs/week

*Typical Schedule: Refer to course listings for complete offerings
**Refer to Practicum Guide for a complete list