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Student Health & Wellness

wellness photosAs a medical student you are on an amazing path that contains many challenges and rewards. The path for each of you will vary and you will each face different kinds of struggles along the way. Whether the challenges are big or small, we would like to help.  It is our goal to assist each of our medical students in coping with the demands of medical school and to help you manage the stresses and challenges that you may face. 

The table below contains information about various resources that will help you maintain your optimal physical and emotional health during your journey through medical school.  We encourage you take full advantage of these services while a student at UMass Chan Medical School.  It is our hope that this information will assist you in having the best experience possible.

Student Health Services


Student Counseling


Student Exercise Facilities

The Albert Sherman Center Fitness Center (Albert Sherman Ctr. 3rd Floor)       Hours: 24/7


Email: Fitnesscenter@umassmed.edu               
Tel: 1-774-455-3500


Meditation Audio Recordings: Learn to practice meditation from the comfort of your own home. These are meditations created and recorded by UMass Chan students who believe that student wellness should be accessible no matter where you are rotating. These practices done regularly will reduce stress and cultivate life balance.

UMass Psychiatry Wellness Initiative Web-Based Toolkit

The UMass Psychiatry Wellness Initiative Web-Based Toolkit provides wellness resources to help faculty, staff, students, patients and clients to increase physical activity, decrease stress, improve nutrition, enhance general health, and to become tobacco-free. The Toolkit provides articles, patient handouts, provider materials, links to other wellness websites, and up-to-date health and wellness news.


The Kenneth B. Schwartz Center Rounds

The Kenneth B. Schwartz Center Rounds provide a forum where multidisciplinary patient care providers have the opportunity to discuss their experiences, thoughts and feelings. The Rounds, which differ from medical or ethics rounds, offer care providers a safe, open and relaxed place where they can share concerns or fears, both for their patients and themselves. The premise is that care providers are better able to make personal connections with patients when they have greater awareness of, and insight into, their own responses and feelings. The Rounds provide a scheduled time and place where care providers focus on the social, emotional and personal aspects of patient care.

Contact Person : Karen Annis, Resource Manager, Analytics Division of Quality & Patient Safety
Office Telephone: 508-793-6036

The Humanities in Medicine Committee (HIM)

The Humanities in Medicine Committee (HIM), sponsored by the Lamar Soutter Library at UMass Chan Medical School, was founded in 2002 as a subcommittee of the Library and Learning Resources Committee in cooperation with the Worcester District Medical Society as a resource for faculty, students, staff, patients and visitors. In addition to our growing collection of books and DVDs in all aspects of the medical humanities, we sponsor a yearly HIM Speaker Series. Invited speakers, almost always authors of books on topics of importance to an understanding of the art of medicine, health care and healing, also have included clinician-writers from our own clinical services who find the practice of writing a source of reflection, discernment, and renewal.

In addition, we co-sponsor the Gerald F. Berlin Creative Writing Contest, which issues a yearly call for submissions of fiction, poetry and nonfiction by students and residents. To directly access the Humanities in Medicine Website, go here: http://library.umassmed.edu/humanities_med/index.cfm.

The Lamar Soutter Library also holds special collections in History of Medicine and Women in Medicine, and, under the headings "Worklife" and "Professional Employees," collections that address the challenges of harmonizing the responsibilities of career and family. The Lamar Soutter Library's web portal provides links to all these on its homepage.

Stress Reduction Program

The Center for Mindfulness and the Stress Reduction Clinic offers a reduction in regular tuition to active medical students of the UMass Chan Medical School. Medical Students can enroll in the 8-Week MBSR Stress Reduction Program at a tuition of $100 per cycle. The CFM SRP accepts up to three (3) students each cycle, a total of twelve (12) per year. Should there be more than three per cycle, they will be accepted on a case by case basis. For further information: http://www.umassmed.edu/cfm/stress/


  1. Call the Stress Reduction Program to enroll in an orientation and a class.
  2. Notify the staff that you are a Medical Student
  3. Attend Orientation
  4. Enroll in the program
  5. Pay your tuition fees

For additional information, please contact the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society at https://www.umassmemorialhealthcare.org/umass-memorial-center-mindfulness or by calling 508-856-2656.

wellness photos