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Obtain a Urine Drug Screening

If you are scheduled for a clinical rotation/assignment at any of the sites noted below, including LPP, you will need to complete a urine drug screening (UDS) test. Following your assignment to one of these sites, the site coordinators will remind you in your welcome/information email that you will be required to complete a UDS. While we expect that more sites will require this testing in the future, the UMass Chan affiliate sites that currently require UDS include:

  • Baystate Medical Center (all PURCH track students)
  • Hospital for Behavioral Medicine
  • St. Vincent Hospital
  • Southern New Hampshire Health System

Additionally, please note that many hospitals that are selected for away rotations during the Advanced Studies year may require a UDS before you will be approved for the away rotation. 

UDS testing through UMMMC Employee Health Services
If you are scheduled for a rotation at Baystate Medical Center, Hospital for Behavioral Medicine, St. Vincent’s, or Southern New Hampshire (or if you need to complete a UDS at the request of a hospital unaffiliated with UMass Chan, for an away rotation), you will schedule the drug screening through Employee Health Services

To Schedule UDS testing through UMMMC Employee Health Services, either email ClearanceCoordinator.EmployeeHealth@umassmemorial.org or call the main number 508-793-6400 to request a drug screen Quest lab slip be sent to you for your rotation. When requesting drug screens, please make sure to provide your DOB and best Phone number so that UMMMC Employee Health Services can order the drug screen correctly!

UMMMC Employee Health Services will send a quest lab slip for UDS to students’ preferred email. Students should expect the quest lab slip to be sent typically that same day unless it is requested at the end of the day. Students can then go to Quest Diagnostic to have their UDS collected. The cost of the screening is covered by UMass Chan. Please note that it can take up to 7 business days for the results to become available. Results must be finalized before the first day of the rotation, so students should plan accordingly.

Employee Health will forward us your results. Our office will notify the site that you are in compliance with testing. Any positive tests will be reported to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

For more information about the policy and procedure, please go here.