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How to Note a Name Change

To note a name change, you will follow the process noted below.

  • Confirm change with the Registrar's Office
         -Registrar will notify the Office of Student Affairs and the Curriculum Committees, IREA
         -Registrar also sends a copy to the student, with cc to the Help Desk for the Medical School

  • Change name within Clinical Information Services
         -Open Ournet (Preferred browser is Internet Explorer)
         -Click on "IS Self Service" (right side of page about 2/3 of the way down)
         -Click on "New Security Accress Request" (again on right of page)
         -Complete form. You will scroll to the third section titled "Request Information" and choose "Name Change" under reason for request. You will then fill out information around your old and new name.
          This request does not need a manager's approval and can be completed by the individual.