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Request a CORI/Criminal Background Check

Often, a visiting rotation site requires a Criminal Background Check before a student is permitted to participate in their rotation. The steps to initiate a Criminal Background Check are as follows:

Massachusetts CORI:  Student should complete both UMass Chan CBC Consent & Waiver and UMass CORI Form as found on the right hand side of this page. Completed forms and a copy of a valid driver's license or government issued photo identification, should be emailed to Student Affairs or brought to the Office of Student Affairs.

National Criminal Background (NCB) Check:  UMass Chan uses an external agency (CSI) for processing NBC checks.  Students requesting a NCB should email Student Affairs. We will process your request through CSI and release an email to you with log on instructions. Students should follow all application instructions carefully and respond quickly to all requests for additional information from CSI to ensure that their NCB is processed in a timely manner. 

Students will receive an email notification when their background check is complete. If a student is interested in receiving a copy of their CORI report or CSI report, they must complete either a CORI and/or CSI Dissemination Form in person at the Office of Student Affairs and must present a valid photo ID at that time.