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Report Mistreatment

To report an incident please use the Professional Concerns and Learner Mistreatment Incident Reporting Form.

This form is to be used by learners to report an incident of mistreatment within the learning environment and can be used by the individual experiencing mistreatment or anyone who has observed mistreatment in the learning environment. Please note that information will be kept confidential, unless there is eminent danger or concern for personal health and safety. Contact may also be initiated with a confidential voice mail at (508) 856-1822 or by email to positivelearning@umassmed.edu. Any such email will not be shared or forwarded without permission; please be aware that email may be less secure. For the most prompt response, for the purposes of tracking reports, and for the most reliable, confidential mode of communication, please use the online form when possible.

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