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Major Affiliate Sites

A critical component of UMass Chan Medical School’s top-ranked, high quality medical education is to provide our students with outstanding clinical training and preparation for graduates’ diverse career choices, whether in primary care or the medical specialties in community or tertiary medical centers based in rural or urban centers. Our primary mission is to help students obtain an accessible, comprehensive and personally rewarding medical education to optimally prepare them to excel as tomorrow’s physicians--caring, competent, productive and fulfilled in their chosen career serving a diversity of patients, communities and the health sciences. We achieve this, in part, through partnerships with a wide range of clinical affiliates, which allow UMass Chan students to experience first-hand learning in a range of clinical settings. Students are required to travel to sites that are within a one-hour drive from the campus. Housing is provided for students doing required clerkships at sites that are more than a one-hour drive from campus. These are presently Berkshire Medical Center, Cape Cod Hospital, and Holyoke Medical Center. Students can peruse the list below to learn more about the clinical experiences available to them.

Baystate Medical Center, Regional Campus

Berkshire Medical Center

Cape Cod Healthcare

Harrington Memorial Hospital

Marlborough Hospital (a UMass Memorial affiliate)

Milford Regional Medical Center

St. Vincent Hospital

UMass Memorial/University Campuses


For a full list of our affiliate teaching sites, please go here: http://www.umassmed.edu/som/teaching-affiliates/