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How to Create a Self Designed Elective

Students may design an individual elective experience tailored to meet a specific interest. The elective may be taken within the UMass system or as an away elective. Individually designed electives can be Type A, B or C but must have the sponsorship of a UMass faculty member within the field of the proposed elective. You may submit an application for the self-designed elective here.

(1) You and the elective coordinator will write a course description of the elective documenting the goals, methods of teaching, number of patients to be seen, supervision level, Type of elective (A, B or C), length of elective and grading basis (O/AEP/EP/BEP or CR/NCR). After completing the Elective Application, instruct the elective coordinator to 'approve' your completed Application and forward an approval email to you. The e-mail trail will serve as their 'electronic signature'.

(2) Secure a UMass Faculty Sponsor willing to review the elective description and certify the elective meets the requirements for UMass elective credit [Type A, B, or C]. The Faculty Sponsor must be in the field of the elective. Forward the e-mail trail to serve as their 'electronic signature'.

Please forward the approval emails to electives@umassmed.edu.

All off-campus travel must also be registered with the university using the Terra Dotta system. If you have not already registered, please do so now.