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For students who experience an exposure to blood, visibly bloody fluid, body fluid, e.g. cerebrospinal, synovial, peritoneal, pleural, amniotic, semen, secretions from a needlestick/cut or splash to eyes, mouth, nose or open cut, animal bite/lab injury at UMASS Chan Medical School or UMASS Memorial:

What to Do:  

1. Gently bleed, wash, flush affected area with soap and water.
2. Page the BUGS beeper 77- BUGS ( 2847)
3. Notify your supervisor/supervising resident (if there is one) and Clerkship Director.
4. Obtain Evaluation - Don’t Delay!  It is important to be evaluated within 2 hours of exposure. You may have to begin immediate treatment. 

      Employee Health 291 Lincoln Street, Suite 100 (508) 793-6400 Hours M-F 7:00am - 5:00pm

                                If after hours, go to the Emergency Department.

    DO NOT go to Student Health for any immediate attention for a needlestick/body fluid exposure.

5. Fill out incident report (available in each department) and send to Employee Health.
6. All students with exposures will contact Student Health for Follow-up after initial visit in the ER or with Employee Health.

At all other sites (rotations/clinicals), students should follow the protocol at that site for initial treatment and follow-up will be provided through Student Health. 

  Exposure to Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a chemical used within the Anatomy Labs.  Air quality in the Anatomy Lab is monitored by Environmental Health Safety.  If a student has a concern for symptoms that may be related to Formaldehyde exposure:

What to do:

1. Call Student Health Services (508) 334-8464. (Students should not walk in to FCM/Student Health Services for appointments)

2. Once evaluated by the Family Medicine provider, if it is determined that a formaldehyde filtering type of mask is appropriate the provider will write a letter to that effect and provide prior to the end of the visit

3. Students are to provide this letter to their anatomy instructor to advice/coordinate on next steps 

Note:  Any student experiencing severe acute symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea or vomiting due to a potential formaldehyde anatomy lab are to go to the ER immediately