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Lacey McIntosh, DO Member of National Faculty NBOME

Date Posted: lunes, octubre 31, 2016

Lacey J. McIntosh, DO - Department of Radiology, UMass Chan Medical SchoolThe National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) appointed Lacey McIntosh, DO, as a Member of the National Faculty in the clinical department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging. The congratulatory letter stated "It is our utmost pleasure to have you onboard and your participation is truly appreciated."

The NBOME National Faculty is comprised of a thousand experts in numerous fields from across the country and work on the development of assessment content (both on-site and remotely) and participate on operational and board committees. In addition to item writing, there are other activities that include; item reviews, referencing, preliminary exam reviews, final exam reviews and various committees.

The NBOME is the osteopathic analogous organization to the NBME, which administers medical examinations. NBME = Step I, II, III etc; NBOME = COMLEX level I, II, III etc.

Congratulations Dr. McIntosh!

More information about NBOME National Faculty.