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In the Spotlight - Mandi Bechtel

Date Posted: viernes, marzo 18, 2016

Amanda Bechtel

In February the Department of Radiology welcomed Mandi Bechtel as the new Director of Anatomical Services. Mandi came to UMass from the University of Vermont's Anatomical Gift Program in Burlington, Vermont.  She was the embalmer for 5 years and took on the Directorship of the program for a year prior to accepting the position at UMass.

Ms. Bechtel completed her undergrad studies at the University of Minnesota where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Family Social Science and Mortuary Science. She is currently working towards a Masters Degree in Public Health from the University of Vermont. After completing her undergrad, Mandi was a funeral director's apprentice before obtaining her license.  She worked as a funeral director and embalmer for several years in Minnesota and Wisconsin before applying for the embalmer position at UVM.  

While at UVM Mandi was engaged with improving safety standards for the embalming lab and anatomy lab which is something that she plans to continue while at UMass. One of Mandi’s top goals for her new position is lab safety, which, according to her “is a dull topic for most, but is exciting to me. I enjoy thinking of ways to adjust methods or equipment in order to create a safer and cleaner environment for faculty and students.  I worked extensively at UVM to reduce formaldehyde exposure in the anatomy lab and I am proud of what we were able to accomplish.”

The UMass Anatomical Gift Program was an exciting prospect for Mandi, due to the many projects faculty and residents are engaged in. This program is much larger than UVM's program and she is enjoys the challenges a larger program presents. Mandi was attracted to the Worcester area because of the large diverse population.  She grew up in Minneapolis, MN and really enjoys the hustle and bustle of a city.  She also finds it refreshing that you can travel 30 minutes outside of Worcester and you are in the country.  There are environments for any mood or activity.

Since moving to Massachusetts, Mandi and her fiancé have been enjoying exploring the area and sampling food from a variety of restaurants. In her spare time Mandi likes to paint, knit, go for bike rides with her fiancé, or walk their dog through the woods. They have three cats and a dog. Mandi and her fiancé are getting married in June.

Welcome Mandi!