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Radiologists Praised

Date Posted: viernes, marzo 18, 2016

Excerpts from recent e-mails praising UMMMC Radiologists

Francesco Massari, MD
Francesco Massari, MD

…Through all of this however, Mrs.XXXX said that “everyone, bar none, was so nice to us. I told a friend who is also a nurse that UMass must have sent their staff through a program because everyone was courteous, compassionate and professional. The ED,  Nursing, Medicine and Radiation Oncology were all wonderful. In the ED they felt bad about my husband being in the hallway. Radiation Oncology knew we would be going to Boston, and because I have contacts at the Brigham we were able to get a bed there, but still Dr. Aronowitz offered to give Donald a first radiation treatment before the transfer. All the nurses and doctors seemed to have XXXX’s best interests in mind. One radiologist, Dr. Massari  was so nice when he was showing me my husband’s films. He held my hand. He was able to send me the films to my cell phone so that I could show them right away to the Dana Farber people.  ... Everyone was great.”…

Susan N.Tarrant, MA
Sr. Dir., Patient Care Services


Adib Karam, MD
Adib Karam, MD

I just wanted to let you know there was another pt that required an SPTube for acute prostatitis and possible abscess.  I was able to discuss it with Dr. Karam and he did a great job!  He was most understanding, available, and helpful!

Thank you again for taking good care of our patients.

Mitchell Bamberger