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Recruitment Resources

UMass Researchers, we can help you find volunteers for your study!

Clinical Volunteer Registry

To help researchers identify potential study participants, UMass created a Clinical Research Volunteer Registry. Volunteers review and sign an informed consent form. Next, they complete a form with their contact information and indicate medical conditions that are of interest to them. UMass researchers may contact potential volunteers for their IRB approved studies. For information on how to contact potential Clinical Research Volunteers, please contact the Conquering Diseases Project Manager at, or phone 508-856-2556.

Publish Your Study on our Website

All studies open for accrual in the OnCore Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) will have a study profile created for them. To request edits on the profile please submit through the Translational Research Accelerator (TRAcs) Portal.

“Just-in-Time Alert” (JITA) - Real Time Patient Recruitment Application

Recruitment to clinical trials can be challenging especially when clinical trial teams are trying to identify potential participants in “real time” in clinical settings. Leveraging the electronic health record (EHR) system, the informatics team has developed the “Just-in-Time Alert” (JITA) application which receives messages from the EHR, processes those messages, and alerts clinical trial teams of potential participants.  After receiving an alert, the study team can approach and discuss the study with patients while they are still in the clinic or hospital. Only studies which have received IRB approval are included in JITA. A more detailed description of JITA can be found in Lee V, et al. JITA: A Platform for Enabling Real Time Point-of-Care Patient Recruitment. AMIA Jt Summits Transl Sci Proc. 2020 PMID: 32477655.

For more information into how JITA can help you with patient recruitment, please contact our JITA administrator at

The National COVID Cohort Collaborative - N3C

N3C is an NIH NCATS-sponsored analytics platform that contains clinical data from the electronic health records of people who were tested for the novel coronavirus or who have had related symptoms. UMass Medical School was one of the first 12 vanguard sites to deposit COVID data to N3C. CTSA sites across the country are continuing to contribute data to N3C with the goal of creating a harmonized data set from all 60+ CTSA’s. The UMCCTS Recruitment Core has completed all  regulatory and administrative requirements necessary for UMMS investigators to access the N3C Data Enclave.

Requirement for IRB approval is dependent on the type of data requested: a) access to de-identified or safe harbor datasets does not require institutional IRB approval;  b) access to datasets with PHI requires institutional IRB approval. More information on the N3C Data Enclave is available at For any questions or assistance in gaining access to N3C Data Enclave, contact our UMCCTS - N3C admin at

Cohort Identification Tools


TriNetX is a third party software product that provides clinical data network access, for use in rapid identification of potential cohorts for clinical trials.

TriNetX software leverages UMMS' existing i2b2 database as a data source, therefore, only de-identified data is shared among network users. Additional software is installed onsite at UMMS to allow the query results to be sent back to the TriNetX network. When a network user initiates a query, it will inquire of all available data sources and return with aggregate results for the user. The user can further drill down the result in the User Interface (UI) for further analysis. TriNetX offers a robust web-based UI that has intuitive query functions and an out of box reporting tool.

In order to use TriNetX, you need to request access by completing the Account Request Form. To login, visit To request a one-on-one or group training session, please contact us at


i2b2 is an open-source clinical data warehousing and analytics research platform. In order to use i2b2, you need to request access by completing the Account Request Form. To log in, go here.  If you would like to request a one-on-one or group training session, please contact us at

Note: Although TriNetX and i2b2, both can be used to explore patient cohort based on inclusion and exclusion criteria, we recommend TriNetX over i2b2 because of it’s better UI design and user friendly interface among other features.


Accrual to Clinical Trials (ACT) Network is a nationwide federation of leading academic research institutions that share aggregate patient counts (> 125 million patient records) from electronic health record data. Its development is funded by grants from the NIH through the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) to individual CTSA sites. UMCCTS is a member of the consortium. Please contact us at for more information. More information on ACT project can be found here,

Similar to TriNetX and i2b2, ACT also facilitates cohort identification. However, the distinction of ACT over other tools is the ability to explore the patient cohort not only at UMass site but also ~60 sites across the nation.