Project Pilot Program (PPP)

Pilot Project Program

A major goal of the UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science (UMCCTS) is to accelerate the translation of basic discoveries into practical, cost effective solutions that improve human health. Building upon our strong reputation as a world-class research institution, producing noteworthy advances in clinical and basic research, the UMCCTS provides the infrastructure necessary to support outstanding clinical and translational investigators and their work.

The UMCCTS Pilot Project Program (PPP) differs from other intramural funding in that the key goal of PPP funding is to effect a qualitative change in the way the work is conducted. Individual project awards will be made on a competitive basis to enable investigators to accelerate the translation of innovative discoveries into:

  • New understanding and/or diagnosis of a disease process
  • New devices, therapeutics, and vaccines for the treatment and/or prevention of disease
  • New standards of care in the practice of community medicine
  • New approaches to community-based research demonstrating true bi-directionality between community and academia
  • New methodologies to leverage institutional strengths and new initiatives
  • The pursuit of high-risk, high reward studies

The intent of the funding is to speed up the rate of progress to move a research project, clinical finding or other discovery into a broader network of activities, while maximizing the breadth of transdisciplinary skills applied to the research question. We are particularly interested in proposals which feature a clinical scientist working with a basic scientist, proposals with an emphasis on community-based research, and proposals that support the career development of new investigators.

Thank you for your interest in Clinical and Translational Science. We look forward to your ideas.