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Regulatory Reviews

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

If you plan to conduct research involving human subjects, the research study must be reviewed and approved by the UMass Institutional Review Board before the study begins. Constituted as the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research, the UMass IRB serves as IRB of record for all human research conducted by UMass faculty and investigators at the Medical School or at associated research locations, including the campuses of UMass Memorial Medical Center and the member hospitals of UMass Memorial Health Care.

Ancillary Reviews

Conflict of Interest

Effective August 1, 2012, the UMass Chan Medical School has implemented a Policy for Promoting Objectivity in Biomedical Research to comply with new federal financial conflict of interest reporting and training requirements. The new federal requirements are intended to promote objectivity in research by establishing standards that provide a reasonable expectation that the design, conduct, and reporting of sponsored research will be free from bias resulting from Investigator financial conflicts of interest.