Research Career & Writing Group "K-Club"

The UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science Research Career & Writing Group (K-Club) was established in 2007. Most faculty who participate and apply for a research career award have been very successful in getting funded (>80% success). The Group meets monthly to provide information and feedback on academic career development and on preparing a Research Career Award application (NIH K Awards, VA Research Career Awards, CTSA K12 grants, etc.).

Faculty will receive:

  • Feedback on CV development
  • Help on preparing NIH biosketches
  • Support on creating yearly career development plans
  • Individualized help on developing career goals and program of research
  • Support with writing the career development grant application
  • Guidance on selecting and working with primary and secondary mentors (if needed)

Of note, Mock Board Review sessions and review of prior grant applications / NIH review committee feedback are demonstrated for the group. Outstanding senior mentors, including Drs. Nancy Byatt and David McManus attend the meetings and provide additional information and perspectives. Dr. Rob Milner, from the UMMS Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA), assures a close partnership with the OFA in providing additional supplementary information.

Interested in joining?

To become a member, please contact Ms. Denise Barrett,

Upcoming Meeting Schedule:  Please mark your calendar.

K-Club Group will review material being submitted for input and review and outline the basic K-Award writing process - the group will meet as follows:

Wednesday 3:30-5:00   Location
March 1, 2017   S7-106
May 3, 2017   S7-106
July 5, 2017   S7-106
September 6, 2017   S7-106
November 1, 2017   S7-106
January 3, 2018   S7-106
March 7, 2018   S7-106
May 2, 2018   S7-106
Thursday 3:30-5:00   Location
February 2, 2017   S7-402
April 6, 2017   S7-402
June 1, 2017   S7-436 (note location change
August 3, 2017   S7-105 (new conf room location going forward
October 5, 2017   S7-105
December 7, 2017   S7-105
February 1, 2018   S7-105
April 5, 2018   S7-105
June 7, 2018   S7-105