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The IRB internet website is currently under construction

Welcome to UMass Medical School Institutional Review Board

*Click here for information and critical deadlines
for the eIRB Implementation, October 2021*

Effective March 16, 2020, and until further notice, the UMMS IRB Office is providing remote operations. This will likely result in increased response times, and we thank you in advance for your patience. Our electronic submission system, eIRB, remains accessible via the web.

If you plan to conduct research involving human subjects, the research study must be reviewed and approved by the UMass Institutional Review Board before the study begins. Constituted as the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research, the UMass IRB serves as IRB of record for all human research conducted by UMass faculty and investigators at the Medical School or at associated research locations, including the campuses of UMass Memorial Medical Center and the member hospitals of UMass Memorial Health Care.

Detailed instructions on how to submit a research study to the IRB can be found in the Investigator’s Manual. Additional help is always available at the IRB Office at 508-856-4261 or email: We look forward to assisting you!

Visiting the IRB in-person? 
Use the back elevators (past Conquering Diseases on the left and passing through the double set of doors at the end of the long hallway)
to reach the 7th floor of the ACC. 
Badge access is required.
The 7th floor VA clinic has opened, and the IRB is no longer readily accessible from the main ACC elevators.

Click here to see the presentation slides on "HIPAA and Research"