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Fall 2020 ScienceLIVE Archive

Our Fall 2020 workshops in partnership with Technocopia, Inc. have ended.  
Completed 2020 Fall Modules:

  • October 16: Brain Science (exploring neurobiology) Lauren Monroe, Technocopia Inc.
  • October 23: The Building Blocks of Life (exploring cell and molecular biology) Dr. Mary Pickering, UMass Chan
  • October 30: The Immune System (exploring immunology) Dr. Jeffrey Voss, University of Wisconsin
  • November 6: Designing Prosthetic Limbs (exploring biomechanical engineering) Nadia Eshraghi, Christine Hebert, Brittany Dacier, UMass Chan
  • November 13: The Science of Junk Food (exploring color chemistry) Dr. Ronald Grimm, WPI and Lauren Monroe, Technocopia Inc.
  • November 20: DNA Sequences are a BLAST! (exploring bioinformatics and evolutionary biology) Dr. Eraj Khokhar, UMass Chan
  • December 6: Gene Editing and CRISPR (exploring molecular biology) Dr. Chris Grove, UMass Chan Alum, WormBase
  • December 11: Doctor's Orders: Finish your antibiotics! (exploring microbiology), Dr. Michelle Bellerose, UMass Chan Alum