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Student Research/Service Opportunities

Student Community Assistantship Program

Mission Statement

Commitment to public and community service has always been a fundamental part of the mission of the Medical School. The overarching goal of community service provided by all students (Medical, Nursing and Biomedical students) at the University is to support the improvement in health status for underserved populations in Worcester and across the Commonwealth. Students, in turn, participate in experiences that often provide valuable clinical training, as well as a context for learning about the social, economic and environmental influences on the health status of individual, families and communities.

The Summer Community Assistantship Program offers first year medical students the opportunity to work in a community based service organization during the summer months. The main goal of the program is to offer employment opportunities for medical students, while providing community based organizations with needed services. Depending on the site placement, and job description, the program also offers medical students an opportunity to learn about community health care problems and needs of underserved populations


Anderson House
382 Plantation Street
Worcester, MA 01605

Faculty & staff

Mick Huppert, MPH, Associate Dean for Community Programs
Suzanne Cashman, ScD, Associate Professor, Department of Family Health and Community Medicine

Project Highlights

Twenty-two sites at community service agencies, community health centers or educational institutions located throughout Massachusetts are currently available for participating medical students.

With faculty guidance, students meet periodically throughout the summer to reflect on their experiences and share what they have learned with their fellow classmates. Structured reflection provides an environment in which students think, talk, and write about what happened during their service work and its implications for their academic, professional and personal development

Now entering its 15th summer, the program has been enthusiastically received and evaluated by the community and students alike.

Optional Enrichment Electives Offering Service

  • Maternal Child Health
  • Medical Interviewing in Spanish
  • End of Life Issues
  • American Sign Language
  • EMS/Systems
  • Pathway Program: Serving Underserved and Multicultural Populations