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Strohsnitter, William D.Sc., M.S.

Assistant Research Professor
D.Sc. 2003, Boston University, Boston, MA
Office: UMass Chan Medical School
55 Lake Avenue North, S4-125
Worcester, MA 01655
Phone: 508-856-5027


Diethylstilbestrol (DES) was a drug given to women to prevent miscarriages.  Instead it was shown to cause rare gynecologic cancers in young women.  The DES Follow-up Study began in 1975 and in 1997, I joined the study in which my collaborators and I have been investigating other adverse health effects associated with DES prenatal exposure.  These include increased risk of breast and testicular cancer.  We have also observed that women prenatally DES-exposed have reproductive difficulties.

Research Overview

Since 1975, DES Follow-up Study investigators and their assistants have been sending questionnaires to women whose medical records indicated whether or not they were exposed to DES before birth.  In 1978, a similar follow-up among men began.  Based on the reports of disease in these questionnaires, the rates of disease are compared between those DES-exposed and those unexposed in an effort to determine the possible effects of DES exposure on health.  To date, there are 130 scientific publications that resulted from the findings of the DES Follow-up Study and its related studies. 

Rotation Projects

Currently none.

Positions Available

Currently none.