MCCB Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, June 20, 2019


    Location: 5th Floor Conference Room LRB 516
    12:00 PM

    Kevin O'Connor - Kelliher Lab

    "Defining the Leukemia-initiating Cell and Clonal Heterogeneity in T-ALL using Single Cell Transcriptomics"

    Aizhan Bizhanova - Kaufman Lab

    "Mapping Nucleoli-associated Domains in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells"

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MCCB Publications

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Article | Lawson LabWolfe Lab

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Article | Wolfe Lab

Bolukbasi M et al. (2018) Orthogonal Cas9-Cas9 chimeras provide a versatile platform for genome editing. Nature Communication.                                           
Article | Wolfe Lab

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Article | Kaufman Lab

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Article | Bioinformatics Core

Khoramian Tusi et al. (2018) Population Snapshots Predict Early Hematopoietic and Erythroid Hierarchies. Nature.
Article | Socolovsky Lab 

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