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MCCB Diversity Action Committee


Our Diversity Action Committee, composed of faculty, students, postdocs, and staff, provides a framework to achieve a more diverse, inclusive, and supportive department and community. 

The UMass Chan DEI committee has several goals, including – normalizing discussions related to DEI topics; raising awareness of the many areas of diversity; and increasing recognition that creating and sustaining an inclusive environment is the work of all, and can only be achieved through the actions of all. To facilitate this work in MCCB, we will be forming a departmental DEI committee comprised of faculty, staff and trainees. The committee will propose and develop DEI-focused activities relevant to the department. It may also serve as a mechanism to discuss DEI-related issues or concern. I hope the departmental committee will have its first meeting in February.

If you would like to hear more about our initiatives or become an active member of our committee, contact Brian Lewis at or complete the fields below.