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Introduction to Siteimprove

Friday, March 10, 2023
By:  Rey Gonzalez

With the transition from Google Analytics to Siteimprove, editors now have a suite of content available to them to better analyze what is happening with their website and what they could do to improve it. This blog post will go over how to access and use the Siteimprove platform. 

Logging In

  • To log into Siteimprove, visit this link:
  • You will be logged in via Single Sign-On (SSO) using your UMass Chan or UMass Memorial credentials
  • Once logged in, you will be taken to the initial dashboard view


Groups are used to display information for specific sections of the website. For UMass Chan, this will be how we differentiate between the different microsites that you have access to edit in the CMS.

To select a group, click on the dropdown box next to the website link, and then select the group that you wish to see data for.

An animation showing a cursor click on a greyed out box, a dropdown then appears.


Within Siteimprove, there is a wide selection of dashboards than can be used to visualize key data on your site. To change between the different dashboards available, click on the name of the dashboard itself and a dropdown will appear.

animation showing a cursor click on the name of the dashboard. A dropdown then appears.

There are three different levels of dashboard:

  • System: pre-configured dashboards created by Siteimprove themselves
  • Shared: dashboards that have been created by users and are visible to everyone
  • Only me: dashboards that you have created and are only visible to you

The system dashboards are as follows:

  • DCI Score Dashboard: DCI® Scores across modules (e.g. QA, Accessibility, SEO).
  • Digital Marketing Reporting: Provides a comparable overview of key data from SEO, Analytics, and Ads.
  • Editor Dashboard (Accessibility): Accessibility metrics of interest to website editors.
  • Editor Dashboard (QA): Quality metrics of interest to website editors.
  • Management Dashboard: A top-level view of the state of your websites.

Alongside the system dashboards, we have created our own shared dashboards that contain information we felt would be the most helpful for our editors.

Website Performance Report

This dashboard will serve as a general overview of how your website is performing. If you have received Google Analytics reports from us before, this dashboard will be the most familiar. Most of the information that was in the GA report has been reflected on this dashboard, including:

  • Historical comparison of visits, page views, and unique & returning visitors
  • Bounce rate, or the number of people who visit your website, and only see the one page
  • Traffic sources
  • Visitor demographics (country and device used)
  • Entry Pages

Accessibility Report

The Accessibility report will give you a view of how your site scores in terms of how accessible your site is and what you can do to improve it. This includes:

  • Accessibility score details and progress gauge
  • Table of accessibility issues and how to address them

SEO Report

This report will give you an idea of how well your site is scoring in terms of search engine optimization, and what issues you could address to improve your SEO. The dashboard includes:

  • SEO score details and progress gauge
  • Top issues that could be fixed to improve score
  • SEO score breakdown showing how each category is performing

Quality Assurance Report

The Quality Assurance Report functions similarly to the accessibility and SEO report where that your site is given a score, however it is based on quality assurance criteria such as content quality, content freshness, security, and user experience. This dashboard has:

  • Quality Assurance (QA) score details and progress gauge
  • Readability test results
  • Top QA issues and how much they can improve your score
  • QA score breakdown showing how each category is performing

Access Training

If you would like to get more training on Siteimprove and how to use it, Siteimprove provides a training platform called Siteimprove Frontier, where there are numerous courses that are available to take.

Here are some courses that we recommend:

Requesting Scheduled Reports

If you would like to request scheduled reports of any dashboard to be sent out to you, you can submit a CMS Support request at the Help Desk Portal.

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