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Horizontal Full Width Block - update to include an image background

Friday, November 04, 2022

This block is a container for other blocks which allows you to set a background color that extends the full width of the browser. This can be used to help break up the layout and highlight your information. While this block has no text areas itself, you drop other blocks within it. You can drop 1 or many and set the columns widths on each block. You can also set the width of the block area to extend the full width, the theme width as to align with other content on the page, or a width that you can set. Some examples are shown farther below.

UPDATE: We have updated this block to be able to set an image as a background, to apply a color overlay to that image and set the opacity of the color. 

Create a new block:

Video Tutorial

Set a background color

Video Tutorial

Set an image as a background

Video Tutorial

Create a new block

In a dropblock area on your page, or under your folder in the block pane, create a new block 
[user guide: create a new block]

  • Choose Horizontal Full Width Block
  • Add a "Name" and click the create button
    • If you created the block directly on the page, you are brought back to you page, click the "..." on your new block to edit it
      screen shot showing where to click to bring up the block editor  ...

Properties on the page

[user guide: properties view]

  1. Tab: Drop Block Area
    • Drop Block Area
      drag and drop your blocks, 1 or more
    • Maximum inner width
      this allows you to control the width of the drop block area while the background extends the full width of its area. 
    • Other – if other chosen, set a number (pixels)
      • NOTE: If you pick a number larger than the user's screen size, this will default to 100% of their browser width
  1. Tab: Content
    • Heading [h2]
      this will display at the top center of the horizontal block.
    • Headline Text Color
      you can set the color of the main heading

  2. Tab: Layout

    •  Set Background Color or Background Image
      • select Background Color and a color picker property displays
      • select Background Image and new properties display: 
        • Background Image 
        • Add a Color Overlay
          If you select Add a Color Overlay, new properties display
          • Overlay Color 
          • Opacity of Overlay Color (%) set a number from 1-100
    • Text Color
      colors are limited. Keep in mind to select a color that provides good contrast against the background you select, this is important for ADA compliance.
    • Text Size
      increase the text size

Examples of this block 
3 horizontal blocks create 3 rows
3 horizontal blocks create 3 rows

Using an image as a background



Setting the widths on the blocks to appear in columns

You can adjust the column widths of your blocks in layout (preview) view or properties view. The default setting, if unset, will be Automatic which is the same as Full.

horiz-area-set-block.png   horiz-area-set-block-pv.png


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