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Generic Block

Thursday, September 17, 2020

A Generic Block is the most basic and versitile block. It allows for content to be positioned anywhere on your page (any drop block area) and can be re-used on as many pages as you wish. Blocks can be shared with other sites as well.

Some examples of how versatile a generic block can be: 

A generic block is comprised of 6 optional content properties:

  • optional title
  • optional sub title
  • optional image - can be aligned left, right, center
    • if aligned left or right, text will wrap around the image
  • optional description (WYSIWYG area)
  • optional more link
    • url and text
  • optional header image (displays at the top of the block)
    • an ALT description can be added as well

If you wish the block to display in different ways, here are some examples by setting the style Classname on the Settings tab:


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