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Episerver CMS Blog

Find information on the UMMS Content Management System, Episerver. Learn how to populate your web pages, read about bugs, and new or updated functionality.

Generic Block

Posted On: Sep 17, 2020 Posted By: Leslie Rutter Tags: Blocks, Training

A Generic Block is the most basic and versitile block. It allows for content to be positioned anywhere on your page (any drop block area) and can be re-used on as many pages as you wish. Blocks can be shared with other sites as well.


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Event Brite Listing Block

Posted On: May 14, 2020 Posted By: Leslie Rutter Tags: Blocks, Training

The Eventbrite Listing Block is used to list events that have been created in EventBrite which is a third-party platform for creating and managing events. The block is very easy to set up allowing editors to set the number of events to display, as well as link to a page listing all events. 

Eventbrite is free to use if you are running a free event. On our intranet, you will find information on how to create an EventBrite account, additional information on settng up events that require payment, managing events and then creating the Episerver block to display your events.

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