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Adding The Version/History Gadget

Posted On: Nov 20, 2018 Posted By: Leslie Rutter Tags: Tips and Tricks, Training

There are built-in gadgets both for the Episerver platform and product-specific ones, for example, gadgets for forms viewing, visitor groups statistics and version management. 

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Profiles Faculty Listing Block

Posted On: Aug 7, 2018 Posted By: Leslie Rutter Tags: Blocks, Training

How to display a list of UMass faculty, for your UMMS website in the content management system, that pulls data from Profiles.umassmed.edu. Profiles includes faculty from UMMS, Baystate and Lowell campuses.

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Creating a Dynamic Sitemap page for Your Site

Posted On: Jul 11, 2018 Posted By: Leslie Rutter Tags: Process, Training

As you create pages within your site, they will automatically show on the sitemap page. This allows your viewers to have a page to navigate to and find all the pages within your web site in one easy view. This is also a useful tool for site owners to review what pages they have on their site.

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Deleting web Page process - Archiving and Redirecting CMS pages

Posted On: Jul 11, 2018 Posted By: Leslie Rutter Tags: Process, Training

Why can't I just delete pages? Do I need to follow this process of redirecting and archiving?

Search Engine OptimizationWhile a few deleted pages are fine, deleting many at once is an issue in the SEO world (search engine optimization). 

Deleting or moving many pages can cause negative rankings in SEO. The search engines, like Google and Bing, have indexed your site and it will crawl it periodically to note changes in content. When it can't find many of the pages, your SEO rankings decrease. This affects your site as well as all UMassmed.edu sites.

It's better to notify the search engines that the page has moved. This allows the search engine to remove the current page from its index and replace it with the newer page that is replacing it. It will also transfer the SEO rankings to that page so you can keep all the SEO link weight (rankings) you have built up over time.​

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How do I find other pages that are linked to my CMS page?

Posted On: Jul 11, 2018 Posted By: Leslie Rutter Tags: Process, Training

If moving or deleting your pages, you will first want to find out what other pages are linked to this page. This article will explain how to find these linked pages, how to update them or how to contact the owner of pages you do not have access to.

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News Article Lists filtering by taxonomy (categories)

Posted On: Jun 26, 2018 Posted By: Leslie Rutter Tags: Advanced functionality, Blocks, Tips and Tricks

Filter a listing of news pages or UMassmedNow articles by choosing taxonomy items.

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FORMS: Viewing files that the user uploaded/attached in the form

Posted On: Apr 26, 2018 Posted By: Leslie Rutter Tags: Bugs and Fixes, Forms, Process

When using the file upload form element and setting the form to email on submission, the link to the file is malformed making it impossible to view the file(s).

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When I edit content, the menu in the WYSIWYG keeps flickering, how do I make it stop?

Posted On: Apr 17, 2018 Posted By: Leslie Rutter Tags: Bugs and Fixes

This is a know bug and we are currently working to resolve it. There are 2 ways to avoid the flickering while we work on the resolution.

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How can I copy the URL or link of an image or file to paste elsewhere?

Posted On: Apr 10, 2018 Posted By: Leslie Rutter Tags: Media, Tips and Tricks

While you can drag and drop media assets in content areas in the CMS, but sometimes you may want to copy the URL of a doc, PDF, image, etc to paste in an email or to redirect a content page...

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Bug: Can't download Form data using Chrome browser

Posted On: Apr 4, 2018 Posted By: Leslie Rutter Tags: Bugs and Fixes

Issue: when clicking the data export button, the page flashes and nothing happens. I can't download my data.

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