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Marcy Project

The First Trimester 1


What is going on with Mom and Baby this trimester? 2

II. What to Expect When You Visit Your Prenatal Care Provider this Trimester 3

III. Common First Trimester Symptoms and How to Cope With Them 4

IV. Eating for Two (…or actually, for one and a quarter) 6

· Food to Avoid

· Weight Gain

· Prenatal Vitamins

V. Staying Fit…because labor is a lot of work 9

VI. Healthy Teeth: Healthy Baby 10

VII. Sex During Pregnancy 11

VIII. Relationships (intimate partner violence addressed) 12

IX. Do This and Don’t Do That: Lifestyle and Risk Factors 13

X. Playing it Safe (work safety, pet safety) 14

XI. Safe Medications 15

XII. A Guide to Testing During Prenatal Care 16

XIII. Babies Breast Friend: Breastfeeding 18

XIV. Cord Blood Donation 19

XV. There is Lots to Learn: Prenatal Classes/Breastfeeding Classes 20

XVI. When to Call Your Prenatal Care Provider 23