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Alumni Testimonials

Emily Brown, MD, 2021 residency graduate:
“I was beyond fortunate to match with Fitchburg for my Family Medicine residency because I gained well-rounded training in a compassionate learning environment. Thanks to the Fitchburg FM Program, I experienced inpatient and outpatient care through both the community hospital and academic tertiary care center settings. My current patients are deeply appreciative of the comprehensive primary care I deliver for acute and chronic concerns, including Medication Assisted Treatment for opioid dependence. On behalf of my patients, many heartfelt thanks to the UMass Family Medicine Fitchburg staff and faculty!” 

Victoria Donascimento, MD, 2022 residency graduate: "The UMass Fitchburg Family Medicine Residency prepared me very well for my current role as a primary care physician in New Hampshire. I followed very medically complex patients with significant social needs, stigma, addiction, and trauma during residency. In my current position, I feel prepared to manage anyone who walks through my door. I am comfortable seeking out additional information/supports and remain inquisitive. I have been able to diagnose individuals with disorders that were missed for many years due to inconsistent medical care by taking extra time with them and applying principles I learned in training. My patients are highly appreciative. The experience I gained managing obesity, anxiety/depression, diabetes, addiction, maternal/women's health have been particularly useful."

Amanda Dostaler, DO, 2021 residency graduate: “The Fitchburg Family Medicine Residency program offers an amazing residency experience which provides a well-rounded family medicine education. With the training I received, I have been able to confidently care for patients as an attending in a rural health setting.  This residency program encourages individual growth while emphasizing health and wellness.  I could not have imagined completing my residency with any other program." 

Emily Eshleman, DO, 2022 residency graduate: “I am so grateful for my time at Fitchburg Family Practice. The faculty, staff and residents were always so supportive to me both personally and professionally. I learned how to care for the community and serve the underserved in a comprehensive and holistic way. I was challenged to grow my inpatient and outpatient skills and I feel prepared to practice in any setting after completing this program.” 

Paul Kehoe, MD, 2023 residency graduate: “I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn and grow in the Fitchburg Family Medicine program. During my time there, I was able to become a well-rounded primary care physician with the support of faculty and staff that I came to consider as friends. I think back on my time there and feel happy knowing that I made the choice I did.”

Tom Wickham, DO, 2023 residency graduate: “I believe the education provided at Fitchburg Family Medicine to be of the highest caliber and my experiences in the program have made me feel very comfortable in my own practice. I especially appreciate the amount of training on clinic procedures including skin excisions and biopsies, women’s reproductive health, joint injections, and osteopathic manipulative treatment. The program also prepared me to manage a wide array of conditions in a diverse population in a comfortable yet academically stimulating environment. I am so grateful for my medical training and the friendships forged along the way. I still consider Fitchburg Family Medicine to be family!”