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Letter from the Chair

Date Posted: lunes, septiembre 26, 2016

Max Rosen, MD - Radiology Department Chair

Dear All,

I’m writing this in the final few hours of FY’16.  FY’16 is finishing on a very strong note.  Our clinical volume will be at an all time record, and we have welcomed many new faculty to the department since the end of June. Our PhD faculty have had a fantastic year of successful grant funding. During the past month we began implementation testing and training for the first of our many new IT systems - TeraRecon (more on TeraRecon in the October Newsletter). We also made significant “behind the scenes” progress on the groundwork that needs to be done to allow us to begin our transition from Powerscribe 5.0 to Powerscribe 360. Dr. Rafatzand held his first session in our new “Body MRI Hands-On Workshop” and Dr. Ajit Puri starred in a series of videos showcasing our state-of-the art capabilities for treatment of acute stroke with mechanical thrombectomy. Most importantly, we continue to celebrate the success and achievements of our faculty and staff with letters from grateful patients, and a wide range of recognitions for Drs. Adib Karam, Carolynn DeBenedectis, Deborah Harmon Hines, and Srinivasan Vedantham. We also welcome Ruth Lopriore as our new program coordinator for the Anatomic Gift Program and Silvana Isufi as our new Medical Group Budget and Financial Coordinator. In order to ensure that all faculty and staff up-to-date with all our changes, Kathy Green and I have implement quarterly “Radiology Department Forums” – the first of which was held on September 7.

Hope everyone enjoys the Sox’s shot at October fame.


P.S.  Faculty, Residents and Fellows:  Please mark your calendars for Thursday October 13; 5:15-7 pm Radiology Clinical Research Night and RSNA – details to follow.