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Video Remote Interpreting

Date Posted: lunes, noviembre 21, 2016
Video Remote Interpreting Radiology UMass Chan Medical School
Video Remote Interpreting Languages Radiology UMass Chan Medical School

Radiology Technicians and Clerical staff have found the new Video Remote Interpreting (VIR) system to be a helpful tool when communicating with patients who speak foreign languages. The service was first tested on the Memorial Campus and is now available on the University Campus.

Kara Wormell, Senior Clerical Lead in the Department of Radiology at the Memorial campus states "we’ve been using the  VRI since May 2016. The techs and nurses like it because it is user friendly, easier than the phone. They also like having face-to–face interactions when interpreting for the patients. It is used primarily for Emergency Room, Inpatients and Outpatients, although they have used it with procedures. The signal isn’t always optimal in the department (mostly in Ultrasound). The techs have all been very positive about the VRI device."

VIR is a cloud-based video conferencing application accessible on an iPad. The program allows patients and staff to talk to an interpreter without being in the same room or even the same city. The interpreters are highly skilled and medically certified. Currently there are 20 languages available with Video interpreting.

The iPad utilizes a camera and microphone to transmit the user’s photo and voice to the interpreter and in turn transmit the interpreter’s photo and voice back. The company guarantees connection to an interpreter in 30 seconds or less during times that the language is available. The iPad also provides the ability to interpreters over the phone in over 200 languages 24/7.

UMass Memorial reports that “based on their pilot study, the availability of visual interpretation via VRI islikely to improve patient satisfaction by increasing access to qualified interpreters, reducing patient’s wait time for an interpreter, and ensuring effective patient-provider communication.”