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Medical Student Assists Developing Radiology Curriculum

Date Posted: lunes, agosto 15, 2016
Sam Carley and Adrienne Newburg, MD - UMMS Radiology
Medical Student Sam Carley and Adrienne Newburg, MD

This summer, second-year medical student Sam Carley worked with attendings Adrienne Newburg and Christine Wallace on a curriculum development fund project to formulate a new Flexible Clinical Elective (FCE). This elective will teach medical students the essentials of radiology for their clinical rotations. The course will emphasize aspects of radiology pertinent to all physicians, including optimizing imaging for given clinical indications and basic technical aspects of how examinations are performed. Sam's contributions included evaluating online radiology education resources and creating a guide for students about ordering radiology studies at UMass, including the importance of providing clinical history. We appreciate Sam's contributions and hope to see him around the department in the future!