Medical Device Innovations Program

To UMass Medical School and UMass Lowell Faculty, Staff, and Students with an interest in medical device innovation.



The UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science (UMCCTS), Office of Innovation and Business Development (OIBD), and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation (OVCRI) are pleased to announce a funding call for the Medical Device Innovations Program (MDIP). This funding opportunity is designed to identify pressing health care problems and partner with cross-campus colleagues with engineering or technology expertise to generate solutions.


This program supports projects that are inter-campus in orientation and directed toward creating a transdisciplinary team to solve a pressing clinical or health care need with a medical device. By providing seed funding to outstanding faculty members, this fund facilitates the development of faculty-to-faculty networks within the University system, thereby leveraging the considerable expertise and resources that exist on the individual campuses. It is assumed that successful projects will attract additional funding from extramural sources. 

Past Timeline

Funding Opportunity is announced

Phase 1 Pre-Proposal submission deadline

Clinical Problems posted to website

Phase 2 Pre-Proposal submission deadline

Full Proposal and Slide Deck Material submission deadline

Networking and Pitch Event

 MDIP RFA 2017

Please read the Medical Device Innovations Program RFA for complete application instructions and eligibility.

Criteria for Awards

The evaluation criteria that are used to review proposals include the following:

  • Intellectual Merit - Reviewers will judge the likelihood that the proposed project will have a substantial impact on the pursuit of the goals of the UMCCTS, which is to advance our understanding of biological systems, to improve the control of disease, to enhance health, and to train the next generation of clinical and translational researchers.
  • Inter-Campus Collaboration - projects that are multi-campus in orientation will receive additional consideration for funding.
  • Growth Opportunity - projects demonstrate the opportunity to attract and secure outside funding and achieve market success.